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Featured App

Tasks N Todos - ToDo List Manager

Tasks N Todos is a TODO manager from Handy Apps, the developer of such well received apps as Easy Money and Tip N Split Tip Calculator. Tasks N Todos combines a pleasant interface with powerful functions, and supports both tablets and phones (see screenshots of both UIs below), including Ice Cream Sandwich.

The app synchronizes with Google Tasks using the official Tasks API, so you won't have to worry about losing your data - it lives in the cloud. Yup, that also means tasks are synchronized between all your Android devices.

You can create one-time and recurring tasks, drag and drop them, set reminders, swipe between lists, and slice and dice your data using filters and sorts. Widgets and backup/restore functionality goes without saying - what respectable tasks app would omit those, right?

Grab the free full-featured version of Tasks N Todos or go for the Pro version that adds a few premium features (multiple photo attachments, custom ringtones) here.

image image


Todo List - Tasks N Todo's
Todo List - Tasks N Todo's
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free


Wikipedia by Wikimedia

Android Police coverage: Wikimedia Releases Official Wikipedia App For Android, Continues To Work In The Dark

Official Wikipedia App for Android. Features: Save article to read later or offline, Search articles nearby, Share articles using Android "Share" function, Read article in a different language, Full screen search.

Price: Free

Dragon Go! by Nuance

Android Police coverage: [Update: Manual Download Added] Nuance Launches Dragon Go! - A Stellar Voice Recognition App For Android

Wouldn’t life be simpler if there were one app that you could simply tell it what you want – and it delivered it within seconds? Say ‘hello’ to Dragon Go! With Dragon Go! you can do more in less time like buy movie tickets as you walk into the theater, go shopping at local boutiques while you wait for your nails to dry, settle a bet at the breakfast table on the square root of Pi, or plan and invite guests to that night’s happy hour – all with just one ask of Dragon Go!

Dragon Go! is finally the friend that truly ‘gets’ you – after all you know what you want, so why not spend more time enjoying the experience and less time searching for it? And only with Dragon Go! do you get direct access to 200+ of the most recognized destinations on the Mobile Web today spanning mobile entertainment and streaming media, social networking, shopping, and every other online content need imaginable simply by using your voice – such as Ask.com, YouTube, ESPN, LiveNation, OpenTable, Pandora ® internet radio and hundreds of others!

What’s more, Dragon Go’s dynamic Dragon CarouselTM not only delivers you to the best site featuring what you want, it also delivers complementary results that enable you to slide the carousel from side-to-side to compare information across the most relevant sites for your Dragon Go! ask.

For example:
You say….
“Show times for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” – Dragon Go! delivers you directly to Fandango.com featuring showtimes for your local theaters. The Dragon CarouselTM also enables you to compare results on IMDB, Twitter, and Rotten Tomatoes to get you all the need-to-know information for that movie!

Or say, ‘What are the planes flying overhead?’ and get up-to-the-minute information from Wolfram|Alpha on all the flights currently crossing over your location.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Google Music Importer

It's your music; play it however you want. This simple app allows you to play your Google Music library in any music player. It works alongside the Google Muisc app to import your cloud based music into your local device library. It does this by grabbing your downloaded offline music files from Google Music's library and moves them to a shared location. You could try to do this yourself, but you will lose the ID3 tag information and artwork. This app preserves that information, which allows other media players to play the files correctly. This importer will also import your playlists directly into your device. Most media players will pick up the added playlists right away. It's a one way import though. If you make changes to the playlist on your device, outside of Google Music, the changes won't be reflected online.

Why you need this app: When you make your music available offline within Google Music, you are storing raw music files in a special folder on your device. The normal system media provider service within Android can't see the music files in this folder. That's why you don't normally see Google Music's offline library in any other media players on your device. Even if the system media provider and other players could see the offline library files, the filenames are meaningless, and the files don't have any ID3 tags. Other media players would not know what the song title is, what album it belongs to, what track number it is, who the artist is, and there is no cover art. The files are just raw music. For all those reasons, other media players can't play those files properly.

This app gathers those meaningless music files, applies the proper ID3 tags and artwork, moves the files to the /Music folder on the sdcard, and updates the system media provider service. Then, all your downloaded and imported music will be available to any music player installed on the device. You can even move the music to your computer and add it to your iTunes or Windows Media Player library.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

T.E.A.M. Battery Bar

Android Police coverage: [New App] Check Your Battery Level Without Leaving The Foreground Application With T.E.A.M. Battery Bar

Do you want to ALWAYS have an estimation of how much battery you got left? Even on fullscreen apps like games or gallery? And have you by any chance tried MiUI in the past and you miss a certain eye-candy of it? Welcome to Battery Bar. You can now easily set a bar with customisable height, place (bottom or top of tour screen) and color (it can even change according to battery level).

T.E.A.M. Battery Bar
T.E.A.M. Battery Bar
Developer: pvyParts
Price: Free

Game On *root*

Android Police coverage: [Quick Look] Game On Allows Users To Share Game Data, Skip Over That Unbeatable Level With One Click

Game On allows you to share and download game progress with other users. ★ ROOT ACCESS & BUSYBOX REQUIRED ★

Can't beat that game? Stuck on a particular level? Game On allows you to unlock levels of supported games by downloading data shared by other users through the Game On network. Game On is a unique application where you can download game data uploaded by other users so you can take advantage of their game progress. You can also upload your own progress to share with other users.

There are currently over 60 games hosted on the Game On network with more being added all the time and with the ultimate goal of building a library of thousands of games and game progress files for users to download and enjoy. To use Game On you will need to have a rooted device (there are non-root and iOS versions currently in development and should be ready for prime time in the first half of 2012, hopefully sooner, rather than later).

The Game On app will automatically compare the games installed on your device to those supported by the Game On network and allow you to share your data from those games. You can conveniently browse through all the game data and easily download and install it to your device. All the data you download is stored locally in case you wish to reinstall it. Best of all, you can discover new games that may not be on your device and download them directly from the Android Market.

To see the full list of supported games, and for complete help files, please visit http://www.mibapps.com/index.php/game-on/. These are also available within the Game On app. Some supported game include Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Airport Mania, Apparatus, Burn the Rope, Plants Vs Zombies, Where's My Water? and much, much more.

Game On
Game On
Developer: Made in Brooklyn
Price: $1.00


Android Police coverage: Official NBC App Hits The Android Market, Brings Highlights And Previews From Shows, Photos, Interactive Games, And More - Full Episodes Coming Soon

Yuck @ the iPhone UI. Come on, NBC, you can do better.


The all-new NBC app allows you to take all your favorite NBC shows on the go. Watch the latest videos including highlights and previews, view photos, get episode recaps, play games, and interact with other fans.

Features include:
- The best video highlights and clips from your favorite NBC shows
- Exclusive photo galleries from NBC.com
- Interactive games, trivia and more
- Schedule and previews of upcoming shows
- Search content across the NBC network
- Customizable myNBC dashboard with My Feed, a personalized view of your favorite shows and related content
- Full Episodes coming soon

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Android Police coverage: [New App] Airbnb Debuts Official Android App - Search And Book Over 100,000 Unique Accommodations Instantly

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world – online or from a mobile phone. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, anywhere on Earth. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

Features & Capabilities:

• Discover unique properties in 19,000+ cities in 192+ countries worldwide
• Stuck without a place to stay? One click lets you search for nearby places available tonight
• Reserve properties using your credit card directly from your fingertips
• Access your itinerary and host details, and get one-click directions
• Check out user profiles, reviews and message prospective hosts and guests
• Snap photos of your space with your camera for instant upload to Airbnb
• Keep track of guest check-in/check-out at your listing
• Confirm reservation requests when you're on the go

Call of Duty ELITE

Android Police coverage: Call Of Duty ELITE App Lands In The Android Market, Lets You Monitor Progress And Make In-Game Changes Directly From Your Android Device

Immerse yourself in Call of Duty wherever you go with the Call of Duty ELITE mobile app. Evaluate your multiplayer progress with in-depth stat analysis. Formulate new strategies based on your recent performance and remotely incorporate edits to your loadouts. Push your changes directly into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 so you’re always ready to play.


  • Check your Career Summary for deep details on your multiplayer activity. Analyze your progress over time to see which areas you need to improve in and which areas you excel in.
  • Review Recent Matches to track your performance on a match-by-match basis.
  • View and edit your Custom Classes on the go. Push your changes into the game so you’re ready to play the moment you load up multiplayer.
  • Track your Challenge progress to help you work toward the highest XP gains.


The app was not found in the store. :-(


Create stunning picture pile collages on your Android device. Simply start by adding a few pictures to your collage. Select from a range of aspect ratios. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation. Add text to your collage. Shuffle the collage to get another exciting layout. With an intuitive interface, TurboCollage gives you complete control over your collage design.

Photo Calendar

Android Police coverage: [New App] Photo Calendar – Browse Photos According To Date, Save A Ton Of Time

Photo Calendar is an application for browsing your photos by date. Maybe, you have hundreds or thousands of photos on your smart phone... While you browsing them, have you ever been curious about the date of the photos? Here is a good solution for those users, 'Photo Calendar'. "Photo Calendar" is an application for browsing your photos by date.

Smart Album - Photo Calendar
Smart Album - Photo Calendar
Developer: CultStory
Price: Free


Search across Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar and Contacts from desktop or mobile.

  • Super Fast Search
    - Lists relevant tweets, emails, docs, calendar events and contacts instantly as you type. Saves hours each week.
  • Multiple Accounts
    - Search across all your Gmail, Google Apps and Twitter accounts in a single place.
  • Voice Search
    - Supports voice search from the app and the home screen widget
  • Multiple Devices
    - Works across desktop and smartphones
  • Quick Preview
    - Allows you to quickly preview and take common actions like Reply, Retweet, etc.
  • Partial Search
    - You can find the right tweet, email, doc, calendar event or contact even if you know just the first few letters of what you are looking for.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Pixable is your photo inbox. Discover and enjoy your friends' best photos. Pixable is a beautiful app that finds the top photos shared by your friends on Facebook. Pixable ranks and sorts your friends’ photos based on popularity and your connections, giving you a more personal viewing experience. Flip through feeds like Top Photos of the Day, New Profile Pics, Most Recent Photos and more. Keep track of your closest friends by following them, and receive notifications when they upload or are tagged in photos.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Comodo Mobile Security Free AV

Android Police coverage: Comodo Mobile Security & Antivirus Released For Android - Combines AV, Call Blocker, Process Manager, And Privacy Protector Into One App

Antivirus, privacy protector, call-blocker and process manager in a single app. COMODO Mobile Security provides real-time protection against known and emerging threats on your mobile device while helping to protect your privacy and keep your system optimized. CMS combines a mobile-optimized antivirus scanning engine with a mobile security manager to safeguard against viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings. You can filter out annoying calls and text messages by configuring white and black contact lists or simply block messages by certain keywords. CMS also gives you "Private Space" - private calls, text messages and contacts that are for your eyes only.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Wootle HD

Wootle HD is definitely not the first Woot app, but its UI is quite unique (personally, I'm good with their new daily emails).


Wootle is a tracker for the Woot.com family of daily deal sites. Wootle will track every Woot site, including kids.woot, shirt.woot, wine.woot, home.woot and sellout.woot. You can also customize wootoff settings to keep the screen awake and auto-refresh each source at a specified rate!


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Stick it!

Stick it! is the only video player of its kind: it can live on top of your screen, above any applications, allowing you to use your device like browsing, or emailing while watching your favorite movie. Like your desktop player, you can move, resize and even minimize Stick it! in the system tray. As we love geeks, Stick it! comes with some predefined themes like Windows 7 or Mac OSX (more to come). Stick it! plays almost every movie files including .3gp .avi .divx .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm .xvid and many more. Moreover, Stick it! supports the following network protocols : MMS RTSP (RTP, SDP) HTTP progressive streaming and HTTP live streaming (M3U8).


Stick it! (Pop-up Player)
Stick it! (Pop-up Player)
Developer: Spring Labs
Price: $1.49


The official Radio Canada app. The description is in French, so if you want to read it, head over to the Market.

Radio-Canada Info
Radio-Canada Info
Developer: Radio-Canada
Price: Free+

AppZilla : 40 in 1!

Introducing the app that defined an entire genre on the iPhone. The smash hit, AppZilla, is now available for your Android. We're launching the first Android version of AppZilla™ with 40 apps in 1 for a single low price. That's right, 40 apps ...ranging from lifestyle apps like Horoscope, Holiday Reference, Famous Quote Reference and Journal to tools like Bubble Level, Surface Level, Battery Life and System Info to productivity apps like Group Email, Group SMS, Journal and Checklist... and even entertainment apps like Crystal Ball, Big Button, Police Scanner and more!

The app was not found in the store. :-(

radio reddit

A simple radio reddit client I and a partner created for the Android final project of CS6890 at Utah State University. While working on this we discovered that there was already work to port the iOS version to Android but this one visually follows the style of Android 4.0 and reddit rather than iOS. Source is at https://github.com/chris-blay/radio-reddit-for-Android so please report bugs or help out with development there. Hopefully this will become the best free radio reddit player for Android.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

card.io payments

card.io is the fast and easy way to accept credit card payments from your phone. Hold a credit card in front of the phone camera, and it's scanned automatically! There's no typing or swiping, and no extra card readers - just point, scan, and start accepting payments. It's simple, and you can process your first credit card purchase in minutes. There's no contracts, setup fees, or monthly fees. You only pay when you charge a card. Pricing is 3.5% plus 30 cents per transaction, and charged amounts are paid to your bank account or PayPal account after 7 days.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Everything about your life is exciting. To everyone. Ever. Jotly. Jotly is the social, local, and mobile app that lets you rate absolutely everything. It's useful and helpful to everyone at all times. Instead of downloading individual apps to rate all the different things in your life, download Jotly and rate your entire life, with just one app.

With Jotly you can:
- Search for nearby items. Even if it's a piece of lint, it might be really awesome. Jotly will help you find it
- Find the best and worst things at any place. Like ducks? Jotly will show you big and little ducks
- Share your ratings with everyone in the world
- Earn influence points and become a "Top Jotter"
- Move around freely. Jotly will automatically go where your phone does
- Sign up without Facebook or Twitter

Everything about your life is exciting. To everyone. Ever. Download Jotly.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

The Sun for Android

The Sun for Android is the application that provides you with access to the latest stories from the UK’s best-selling newspaper.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

MyApartmentMap Apartment Tool

MyApartmentMap lets you search thousands of apartments all over the United States. Instead of using multiple websites and applications you can view most all available listings from a single source.



MyApartmentMap Apartments Tool
MyApartmentMap Apartments Tool


Balancing daily life with searching for a new rental home can be stressful. Make the most of your time with the Apartments.com Android App. It's hands down the easiest-to-use and most feature-rich apartment search tool available in the app market.

Apartments.com Rental Search
Apartments.com Rental Search

2012 Australian Open

Tennis Australia and IBM are pleased to offer the official Android app for the Australian Open Tennis Championships, from 16-29 January, 2012. Follow the action LIVE during the tournament. 

Australian Open Tennis 2018
Australian Open Tennis 2018

ZappoTV Mobile Media Center

Argh, what is up with all the iPhone menus everywhere?!


Watch photos, videos, and music from your device, network or the Internet on TV. Easily search and find interesting content from many sources, including your mobile device and home network, and watch it on an internet connected TV or mobile device. Enjoy millions of videos, images, and songs and share with friends.

With this powerful ZappoTV app you can do the following:
• SEARCH - Easily search, find, and browse videos, photos, or music and watch on TV directly from your Android phone.
• DISCOVER - Discover new and featured videos every day across a number of video topic channels for you to enjoy. Browse channels using easy-to-navigate video carousels.
• SEND TO TV - Stream music and videos directly to your TV or mobile device. No installation needed (except this app).
• ACCESS MEDIA - Access your photo and social networking accounts to watch on TV.
• MANAGE PLAYLISTS - Create and Manage playlists of music and enjoy on your mobile or TV.

ZappoTV Mobile Media Center
ZappoTV Mobile Media Center
Developer: ZappoTV BV
Price: Free+


JackThreads is a members-only, online shopping club that curates top-tier street, skate, surf and contemporary men's fashion brands - offering daily sales of up to 80% off on what's hot right now. Our goal? Empower our members to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. We want you to stay fresh, for less. Each day at noon ET, we open 3 to 4 brand new sales, combining premium brands you already rock with buzz-worthy newcomers. Most sale events last for 72 hours and never return, so members are encouraged to check in early and often. Doing so will not only save you stacks, but you'll be on the forefront of trending fashion. And when your friends inevitably ask how you pull it off, you can invite them to join JackThreads and earn yourself a $10 credit when they sign-up and purchase. It's a win/win, and win some more situation. Think of JackThreads as the Robin Hood of the shopping world, minus the grand larceny and the pointy hat. We do the dirty work, and you reap the rewards. So, download the app now, sign up for free, and never go naked again...

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Hipster is a fun way to share where you are and what you're doing. Using Hipster you are able to create and send beautiful photographic postcards. Your postcards will be composed of a photo, text, location, and more, which will provide a window into what you are currently experiencing. Through postcards, Hipster creates a real-time, visual record of locations and events all around the world.


The app was not found in the store. :-(


SKITUDE is a multifunctional app for ski & snow fans. This app provides real time weather forecasts and snow reports, live feeds and maps of around 2.500 resorts (67 countries, 5 continents) and more than 200.000 geolocated points of interest (POIs) in the resorts and their surroundings, including slopes, lifts, emergency services, restaurants, accommodations, transport and other services. It also includes many useful tools for skiers: tracking, statistic recording, augmented reality view (coming soon), location of family and friends in the resort (coming soon), off-line maps(coming soon), etc.

Guard My Angel

"Guard My Angel" is there for all those times that you feel you need someone at your side... When you go out on a blind date, drive home late at night, or just don't feel well. We will watch over you and only in case of emergency, will notify your family and friends with the information they need in order to help you. You can ask "Guard My Angel" to watch over you for the duration of time that you need. When the timer expires or if you press the SOS button, we will send notifications via SMS, Email or Facebook to the contacts you specified in advance. Your contacts will receive a map that will point them to your last location as well as more information about your trip from the point you pressed "Watch Over Me".

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Football Fans

Vubooo app for football fans - keeps football/soccer fans connected via live scores. Vubooo free app for phones & tablets invites football fans everywhere to support their favorite team in a virtual stadium. Once checked-in to a game, the app starts sending the fan real-time alerts for live match events & stats. Vubooo follows the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 & UEFA Champions League.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Notification Bubbles FREE

Interesting idea.


Pop bubbles to read and reply to messages and calls.

* Easy access to text messages and missed calls
* Get Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail notifications as bubbles on the screen
* Simply pop the bubble to read and reply
* Choose between different bubble styles
* Customize bubble colors
* Select one contact to show up as a heart, with super quick calling and texting
* Add one todo bubble to get reminded of an important task

Notification Bubbles Free
Notification Bubbles Free
Developer: Code & Design
Price: Free+

Photo Voyages of Trey Ratcliff

The most beautiful HD photos from around the world are now available for your Android device, Google TV and/or Kindle! The photography is the work of Trey Ratcliff. Trey's photos are showcased at the #1 Travel Photography blog in the world, http://StuckInCustoms.com. We hope you are inspired by the beauty captured in the photos. This version of the app has hundreds of amazing images in an endless slideshow. Any image can quickly be set as the wallpaper for your device.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Live Wallpapers

Circuitry Live Wallpaper

Watch these little circuits finding their unique way across your screen. Every time you get absolutely new shapes. Six different color themes available.

Developer: ZHD
Price: $0.99

WTF App Of The Week

Eight Shit

The name alone deserves the WTF status, and the psychedelic theme combined with the art seal the deal. Seriously, check it out, you'll love it.


Let the internet draw your Twitter avatar with Eight Shit. This is better than finger painting! Draw some cool art and send it to us. We'll turn it into an avatar and share your one of a kind masterpiece with the EIGHTISH community on twitter. Visit us online: http://eightshit.me

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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