Stanislav Merezhko recently introduced a game called Doptrix to the Android Market. I have to say that at first glance, I wasn't expecting anything brilliant. I was mistaken.

Doptrix turns Tetris-like gameplay on its head, literally. The game uses a familiar four-block shape pushing premise, but allows the player to turn, rotate, and flip the game board as they choose. The player can also choose when (and from what position) a shape launches toward the board.

Taking this unique gameplay to another level, Doptrix includes three modes of play: Classic, Alternative, and Puzzle. Classic mode uses familiar Tetris shapes, and allows the player to move them left or right before swiping them up to the game board.

Alternative mode also uses simple shapes, but does not allow the player to move shapes before launching them, requiring cunning, and a certain level of strategy.

Puzzle mode, as the name suggests, requires players to solve a variety of shape puzzles, adding a new dimension of challenge to an already tough game. Currently there are 10 puzzles to solve, and it sounds as if more are in the works.

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If you're a fan of challenging, simply-designed puzzle games, or if you're just searching for an excellent time waster, Doptrix is definitely worth a look, especially considering it's free from the Android Market.

Developer: Doptrix Software
Price: Free