Motorola recently announced two entry-level Android smartphones for the Chinese, European, and Latin American markets, the Defy Mini and the Motoluxe. Both devices are now available for pre-order on Clove, and they are expected to ship in late February/early March.

The Motoluxe is priced at £215 (£258 inc. VAT).


The Defy Mini is priced at £145.83 (£174.99 inc. VAT).

defy mini

Additionally, Motorola have teamed up with UK-based construction manufacturer JCB to give the "rugged" Defy+ a makeover. The new "Defy+ JCB Edition" is similar, spec-wise, to the earlier Defy+ model, however it now comes cocooned in a "visco-elastic protective sleeve" to make it just a bit more rugged. Just in case, you know, you decide to go spelunking.

The new Defy+ JCB Edition is available now from Clove for £199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT).

defy jcb