The ridiculous and wasteful patent war continues, with a German court confirming that Apple has filed two new suits against Samsung. The first is against 10 phones including the SGSII, and the second against 5 tablets. Details are light at the moment, but evidently Apple is using these two (unsurprisingly very vague) patents in the smartphone suit:

000888920-0018 00074280-0006

Yes, seriously - their patents are basically for a shape. Readers familiar with the current lawsuit situation in the tech world know the situation is violently out of control, and close followers of AP have heard my thoughts on just how hypocritical and ridiculous Apple is. Nonetheless, the patents have been granted, and basically exclude - and I quote - "flat rectangular devices with rounded corners" and "the colors black and white." I couldn't make this up.

For a rundown of where to expect things to go from here (hint: who knows?), hit up the source link.

[Source: FOSS Patents]