For some gamers, a savegame file can be an indispensable resource, allowing the user to skip past a frustrating boss battle or jump over a brain-busting puzzle.

Bringing that concept to your Android device, Made in Brooklyn has introduced Game On, an app that allows users to share progress in popular games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and over 60 others.

The first thing to know about Game On is that it's still in its beta stage, meaning some users may experience instability or other issues. The second thing to know is that root access and busybox are required for Game On to function, so stock users are left out for now (MiB says a non-root version is in the works for the first half of 2012). That being said, let's take a look at what Game On has to offer.

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Game On's interface is extremely straight-forward and intuitive. It has a focused set of functions, and doesn't bother cluttering things up with a lot of menu items. The only real issue I have with Game On is that it reloads a list of compatible games every time you start the app, and doesn't allow the user to do anything until the list is finished compiling. This is a small complaint, but I can't help but think there's a more expedient way to get things done. (Game On's developer has indicated that there are plans to resolve this issue, only after the rest of the app's functionality is polished.)

Once the list has finally compiled, the user is greeted with a simple menu, providing the option to see a list of installed (and compatible) games, downloaded game data, a full list of compatible games, and the option to browse a full catalog of game data.

Selecting "view my games" will list compatible games currently installed on your device. Clicking one of those games will prompt the user to enter information necessary to upload their game's progress for others to utilize and share. This process is easy and fast, and seems to work in a snap. Once you've uploaded data, your game data will appear in the catalog, which can be browsed using a simple dropdown box and swiping action.

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Those looking for specific game data need only to click "download," which will download the game files, making them available for installation. It may be worth noting that users cannot revert data once installed. After downloading, however, installation is just one click away.

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Before you know it, you've unlocked Angry Birds, Burn the Rope, Chalk Ball, Radiant HD and a slew of other games with little or no effort. Overall, Game On seems like a very promising app, and it will be interesting to see which games gain support over time, especially considering some of the impressive titles being introduced for Tegra-powered devices.

Game On will cost you a paltry $1.00 from the Android Market, an "introductory beta" price that's very easy to swallow for the app's convenience and functionality. For a full list of compatible games, and more information, check out the Game On page on Made in Brooklyn's website. If you'd like to suggest a game to include in the Game On network, report issues, or download a free copy of the app, check out the official thread over at XDA.

Game On
Game On
Developer: Made in Brooklyn
Price: $1.00