A few days ago, redditor fernandizzel posted a hypothetical poll: "If MS & Apple had their way and Android ceased to exist one year from today, what OS would you use?" The choices were fairly obvious: Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, or Other. A second question was also posed: "If Google supported one platform in particular by providing better apps such as gMail and Maps, would you prefer that OS?"

As promised, he posted the results the next day. In favor of at least pretending to keep the appearance of some scientific polling methods, I'm not going to copy the results to the body of this post (don't want to influence your decisions or anything), but I will leave a link to them.

So, what would you choose? If, for whatever reason, your next device couldn't be Android, what OS would you opt for instead? As always, sound off below, then head down to the comments to share your thoughts.

If Android Ceased To Exist, What OS Would Your Next Device Be?

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