It would appear that Sprint plans on going full speed ahead in focusing on product development for its 4G LTE lineup this year. David Owens, Sprint's VP of Product Development made clear at CES Wednesday that Sprint "won't be introducing any more WiMax smartphones," adding "April, May, June, July, August, those will be very aggressive times for us." This may be a hint that we could begin seeing LTE devices as early as April, which is great news for customers holding out for a new device (like Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, which is poised to be Sprint's first LTE device).

While Sprint doesn't plan on releasing new WiMax smartphones, the carrier evidently plans on selling WiMax hostpots (like the Sierra Wireless hotspot we saw at CES) alongside LTE devices.


Owens was also fairly candid regarding Sprint's plans for Windows-powered smartphones, indicating that the carrier has no plans to offer Windows phones in the near future, but that Sprint may carry them later, as the OS matures.

Finally, Owens said that Sprint plans on under-promising and over-delivering on its LTE build-out claims. The carrier has promised four LTE markets by mid year, but Owens said that "by the second half of the year" actually means "between now and midyear." Sprint also plans to significantly ramp up build-out in the second half of the year.

Via PCMag and Sprint 4G Rollout Updates