Following the collapse of T-Mobile's planned $39 billion deal with AT&T, the magenta carrier has turned its attention to network quality and performance to draw new customers. Chief Executive Philipp Humm provided comment on the situation Wednesday:

We have a very clear spike on value compared to everyone else. Now it's about bringing the quality phase alive. That's something that during the transition phase kind of suffered.

Magenta lost more than 467,000 contract customers over the 10 months it worked with AT&T on the ill-fated takeover, focusing not on network enhancements, but instead on completing the deal.  Humm noted that T-Mobile will have a more clear business plan later this month, but said that the company may consider asset sales.

It's worth noting that T-Mobile is (soon to be) the only carrier without a 4G LTE network, though magenta's HSPA+ network is only marginally slower than the LTE networks of other carriers. "LTE is very relevant to the capital markets and the press, but it is something that is irrelevant to most consumers right now," Humm noted, adding "over time, we will migrate to LTE."

On the topic of the failed AT&T deal, Humm said there was no way to predict the resistance T-Mobile met with from regulators – "We wouldn't have gone for it if we knew," he explained.

Via Morningstar