If you happen to own an HP TouchPad and have been waiting patiently for a proper Android port, you'll be overjoyed to see a sneak peek of what CM9 brings to the table. If you recall our announcements for the CM7 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 builds, you probably remember an overwhelming indication that neither build was all too stable, and running them was not for the faint of heart. Alpha 3 is a bit better, but still has a laundry list of issues. A lot of things don't work, or only work intermittently, which makes it very difficult to use for the average consumer.

That being said, CM9 is on the horizon, and it looks like Android for the TouchPad has come a long way since the CM7 alphas. Check out the sneak preview video:

Yes, you heard that correctly - everything except the camera and video playback works. The CM team is "well on their way in terms of progress, and hope to give you something to play with soon." Man, now I really wish I grabbed a TouchPad when I had the chance. Do you own one, and are you planning on flashing CM9 when it becomes available?