In the custom ROM world, there's one name that can't be denied or avoided: CyanogenMod. It's the reigning champ of all custom ROMs, and for good reason - it's amazing. The CM team is always finding ways to innovate and bring new features to stock Android, resurrect older devices, and remove manufacturer/carrier restraints from modern devices.

Apparently we're not the only ones who think so, either - CyanogenMod hit one million unique installs last night. Think about that for a second - one. million. And that doesn't even count all the users who choose to opt-out of CM's stat tracker (shame on you!).

Out the one million, around 590,000 have been official CM builds, with unofficial ports (KANGs) making up the rest of the number. The most flashed version is, of course, CM 7.1 (Gingerbread), with over 235,000 unique installs across various devices. The most flashed device? The HTC Desire holds the number one spot, with over 80,000 installs. Surprisingly, the rough-and-rugged Motorola Defy is holding tight to the number 2 spot, with more than 55,000 installs. Rounding out the top five spots is the Motorola CLIQ, HTC EVO, and ZTE Blade.

A big congratulations goes out to everyone who has put work into CyanogenMod over the years - the is a great feat indeed. Here's to another million with CM9!

[Steve Kondik G+; Thanks, Micah!]