Have you ever used the Webtop feature built into a number of Motorola's newest devices? According to CEO Sanjay Jha, not many users are actively firing up the desktop-in-a-cellphone feature - less than ten percent, to be exact. Makes sense, though, as it's basically a watered-down desktop experience, and no one really wants that.


According to Jha, Moto is aware of the issues with Webtop and wants to make it more useable. He told The Verge that the next generation of Webtop would bring more capabilities, including a new browser: Google's Chrome. In all honestly, this is probably what the company should've used in the first place, as the version of Firefox currently used by Webtop was old, slow, and outdated before it ever hit shelves.

Jha noted that the integration of Android 4.0 will make Webtop "much smoother and more integrated," which is exactly what it has needed all along. Hopefully it will become more of a tablet-laptop hybrid experience instead of... whatever it is now.

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