ASUS isn't the only one upgrading their tablets to Ice Cream Sandwich in the beginning of February - we were running around the South Hall at CES 2012 and ran into Archos, which, among other things, manufactures a whole series of G9 tablets (various combinations of 101 and 80).

Guess what - all of the G9 tablets are scheduled to receive ICS starting the first week of February (they did let everyone know it would happen "in the near future" a few days ago, but we were able to get the most up-to-date timeline today). If you happen to buy a unit before the end of February, chances are it'll still have Honeycomb on it (which you can then update immediately), but pre-updated G9s should trickle into the retail channels within a few weeks after the ICS release goes live.

We did grab a photo of a G9 running ICS 4.0.1, but the version that should be arriving in about 3 weeks will be 4.0.3, which is exactly what we'd expect at this point. Not bad, Archos, not bad at all.