Yesterday, Nvidia's CEO announced that the Ice Cream Sandwich (that's Android 4.0 for those of you new to the game) update for the quad-core Asus Transformer Prime would begin rolling out immediately. Sure enough, users started receiving the update, and we managed to snag and host the OTA ourselves (as well as help you prevent it from breaking root). For most, the update brought everything you'd expect from the hot new version of Android: even smoother, snappier performance, sleeker transitions, and various other perks. But for some, it appears that the update has seriously screwed up their device.

According to a six-page thread over at XDA, there are a number of users (though likely a very, very small percentage) who are having some pretty serious issues after updating, regardless of whether or not they were rooted beforehand. Namely, they're experiencing lock ups and reboots. In some cases it's so bad that the tablet is unusable - it locks up as soon as it reboots. In others, it occurs every few minutes or so.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a fix yet (not even doing a full wipe has any effect), and Asus support isn't really aware of the issue, with two owners reporting that their customer service reps were stumped and hadn't heard of any similar problems. With a bug as bad as this, though, we would expect some attention to be directed towards it in short order.

Having a similar issue or think you can help? Sound off in the XDA thread or in the comments below.

For those of you who have a Prime and have updated to ICS, are you experiencing any problems? Sound off in the poll below to give us an idea of how wide-spread the problem is.

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[Source: XDA-Developers, thanks to Andrew Flores for the tip!]