Those following HTC's efforts to liberate bootloaders everywhere have a bit more to talk about tonight, as the Taiwanese manufacturer added support for a handful of devices.

For those not in the loop, HTC pledged to enable unlocking the bootloaders of all devices released after September 2011, but is doing the community one better by extending support to older models as well. HTC allows users to unlock their bootloaders using a quick, (relatively) easy online tool.


Among the newly unlockable devices are the original Desire, the Desire HD, Wildfire, and Wildfire S. To get started, just head over to HTC's Bootloader Unlock page.

Of course, HTC warns users that unlocking a device's bootloader is not for the faint of heart, so only experienced users should proceed, keeping in mind that unlocking your bootloader may lead to issues not covered under a typical warranty.