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Featured App

Tasks N Todos - ToDo List Manager

Tasks N Todos is a TODO manager from Handy Apps, the developer of such well received apps as Easy Money and Tip N Split Tip Calculator. Tasks N Todos combines a pleasant interface with powerful functions, and supports both tablets and phones (see screenshots of both UIs below), including Ice Cream Sandwich.

The app synchronizes with Google Tasks using the official Tasks API, so you won't have to worry about losing your data - it lives in the cloud. Yup, that also means tasks are synchronized between all your Android devices.

You can create one-time and recurring tasks, drag and drop them, set reminders, swipe between lists, and slice and dice your data using filters and sorts. Widgets and backup/restore functionality goes without saying - what respectable tasks app would omit those, right?

Grab the free full-featured version of Tasks N Todos or go for the Pro version that adds a few premium features (multiple photo attachments, custom ringtones) here.

image image


Todo List - Tasks N Todo's
Todo List - Tasks N Todo's
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free


Network Monitor Mini

Android Police coverage: [Updated: Video Hands-On] Quick Look: Network Monitor Mini Is A Small, Unobtrusive App That Monitors Bandwidth In Real-Time

Network Monitor Mini is seriously my new favorite app of the last two weeks (hell - maybe even two months). Similar to DU Meter on Windows, it shows a tiny persistent bandwidth meter overlaid on top of all other apps, even games if you want. For those as obsessed as I am with knowing what's going on with their network at all times (even my GNU Screen config on all my Linux boxes has a bandwidth meter), Network Monitor Mini is a must.

The Pro version, which I bought after playing with the free one for a few days, lets you auto-hide it when there is no traffic, gets rid of ads, disables the notification icon, and lets you set up a blacklist of apps where it should not show up.


We like live statistics. Android does not show network connection statistics on screen. You do not know the current internet bandwidth used for upload and download. This is a mini network monitor for your phone. It monitor the upload and download speed per second. It will always stay in the corners of your phone's screen. You can set the indicator to any corners of the screen, customize the color and transparency of the indicator. In this way, you can enjoy surfing internet, just like what you did in your PC. The Pro version supports auto-hide when there is no traffic, hide monitor for specific apps, and is ad-free. You can also disable the notification icon.

Network Monitor Mini
Network Monitor Mini
Developer: KF Software House
Price: Free


Android Police coverage: TiVo Releases Hotly Anticipated Android App

Yup, it's the official TiVo app for Android!


TiVo DVR and non-TiVo DVR customers can get the TiVo experience in the palm of their hands with the FREE TiVo app - including Suddenlink and RCN Premiere DVRs. Turn your Android phone or 7inch tablet into command central for your TiVo DVR. Now you can search, browse, discover and share without ever interrupting the show you’re watching. Quickly surface new content, view guides, schedule and manage recordings, get recommendations, or dig deeper into a particular actor’s entire resume—all using intuitive, gesture-based interaction.

Features (some features are only available to TiVo Premiere DVR customers):

  • Browse the channel guide without interrupting the show you’re watching
    - View shows up to 14 days in advance
  • Schedule TV show/movie recordings and ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings
  • Browse your recorded shows list and play a show from the App
  • Find exactly what you want to watch
    - Search across TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & Blockbuster —and see integrated results on Demand to find what you are looking for
  • Explore cast and crew while watching a show
  • Comment about what you’re watching on Facebook or Twitter
  • Use a TiVo remote control replica or our intuitive, gesture-based remote control
  • Manage your ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings and your To-Do List
    - Delete and reprioritize recordings for your favorite shows
  • Instantly schedule, search and browse for shows while you’re away from home


Developer: TiVo Corp
Price: Free

NHL GameCenter Verizon Edition

NHL GameCenter Premium is usually $10, but Verizon customers get it for free using this app. Featuring the most washed out screenshots I've ever seen in an app listing - check them out below. SMH here, Verizon.


Hey Verizon users, download the Verizon edition of the NHL GameCenter app to receive all of the great features of NHL GameCenter plus access to nationally broadcast NBC games, exclusive video features, and live streaming of NHL Network’s On the Fly. For those users with Verizon 4G LTE Smartphones, Verizon enables you to get NHL GameCenter Premium for FREE! Just download the NHL GameCenter Verizon edition app, click on a video highlight, and you will be automatically upgraded.

- Live Streaming of the NBC nationally broadcast games (Verizon exclusive)
- NBC extras including StarCam, Inside the Glass analysis, and key in-game replays (Verizon exclusive)
- Scores
- Schedule
- Play-by-Play
- News
- Stats
- Standings
- Game Photos
- Player Profiles
- Favorite Team Selection to Unlock Team Info

Upgrade to the PREMIUM version and you will also get:

- Live Streaming of NHL Network’s On the Fly (Verizon exclusive)
- Live Game Radio
- In Game Video Highlights
- Condensed Game Videos
- Additional Video Content including Quick Picks & Best of the Week

Upgrade to the LIVE version and you will also get:

- Live Game Video

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Tether by ClockworkMod

Android Police coverage: [Updated: Now In The Market] Koush Does It Again: ClockworkMod Tether Alpha Circumvents Carrier Restrictions And Brings USB Tethering Without Root Access

ClockworkMod Tether is a USB tether solution for Mac, Windows, and Linux that allows you to use your phone's data connection to get internet access on your desktop or laptop. ClockworkMod Tether does not require root on your phone and does not require a separate tethering plan. Tether should work with any carrier and phone, and is not blockable or detectable by carriers. To get around the root requirement on your phone, Tether will need to install a virtual network adapter on your computer; so there is a PC side install.

ClockworkMod Tether (no root)
ClockworkMod Tether (no root)

Winter Wake-up

Never be caught off guard by winter again. “The Winter Wake Up” works like an ordinary alarm clock, but wakes you up earlier if there has been freezing weather or snow the night before. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to clear your driveway, defrost your car and still leave for work on time. Decide for yourself how many minutes earlier you want to be woken up if there has been frost or snow the night before. You have the option to not have the alarm go off if the winter weather is simply too hopeless to travel. Never miss an appointment because of unexpected weather conditions. Set your alarm clock for a single day or on automatic repeat for the days you want.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Wifi Protector

Read more about WifiKill here: [Update: Pulled From The Market] Want To Easily Boot Users Off Your Wi-Fi Network? WiFiKill Can Take Care Of That For You, DroidSheep here, and FaceNiff here.


Android Security. Protect yourself from Wi-Fi sniffing attacks. Detection of and protection against all kinds of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) related attacks in Wi-Fi Networks, like DOS (Denial Of Service) or MITM (Man In The Middle). Detection and basic protection works on all phones, advanced protection and prevention works ONLY ON ROOTED phones.

Easy to use: If the shield is blue you're fine, if the shield is red you may decide for countermeasures. Advanced countermeasures require ROOT access. Protects your phone from tools like FaceNiff, DroidSheep, Cain & Abel and others that try to hijack your session via "Man In The Middle" through ARP spoofing / ARP cache poisoning. Allows secure usage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Live.com, eBay ...

WifiKill can't take you offline with this app installed (ROOT required).

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite

A free, more limited version of Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android. My personal choice for a comparable security app would still be Avast, however - it's free and not nerfed.


Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite delivers essential anti-theft defense, allowing you to block, wipe or find your missing phone. You can also easily filter unwanted SMS texts and calls. Plus, Anti-Virus Lite with cloud-based security scanner alerts you to potentially malicious apps before they can harm your phone.

  • ANTI-VIRUS LITE: Alerts you to potentially malicious apps before they can harm your phone
  • ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION: Remotely block, wipe or find your phone if it is lost or stolen
  • CALL & SMS FILTER: Blocks unwanted calls and SMS texts


BatteryXL - Battery Saver Beta

Wow, talk about a gorgeous interface. Apps like these should be studied by Android UI designers - demand good interfaces, folks!


Having a smart phone is a great asset in today's wired world but all those awesome devices (e.g. WiFi, 4G, GPS, and Bluetooth) seem to shrivel even the most high tech batteries in a matter of hours. BatteryXL saves by minimizing the drain on your phone's battery during periods of inactivity while maximizing functionality as soon as you want to connect with the world.

Toss that extra battery! Leave your charger at home! Intuitive interfaces plus smart savings equal a smarter phone with longer battery life. As soon as you install BatteryXL the savings begin. The app works automatically by regulating the heavy battery-draining devices mentioned above. Complete the optional three question optimization process to further customize savings according to your smartphone habits. Doubling your battery life might just be as easy as 1,2,3.

BatteryXL allows the user to manage WiFi, Mobile Data, GPS, Bluetooth, and Autosync automatically or manually on-the-fly with minimal impact on daily use. This is the super savings application that Android users have always dreamed of. Powerful yet simple to use, this app is jam packed with functionality and beautiful interfaces.

- Free to download!
- WiFi, Mobile Data, GPS, Bluetooth, Autosync automatic and manual controls
- Time-scheduled automation for Autosync and connection devices.
- Four additional modes to automate connectivity: Night, Peak, Charging, and Low Battery
- Whitelist for controlling connectivity on app-by-app basis
- Interactive Quickview of settings interface
- Estimated remaining Idle, Calling, WiFi, Data, Music, Video, and Gaming times
- Notification Bar icon with remaining battery percentage
- Volume, Brightness, Screen Timeout controls
- Backup and Restore settings functionality
- Full Log of all BatteryXL activity



The app was not found in the store. :-(

Clip Ninja

Android Police coverage: [New App] Clip Ninja Saves Almost Everything You Type, Like A Clipboard On Steroids

I think the idea behind Clip Ninja is great, I use a similar app on my desktop, and I can't imagine how many times it saved me so far.

If you are paranoid about an app recording your every word (as you should be), except for passwords, read the PRIVACY bullets points below, especially the last 3. If you still think it's a bad idea and are going to throw a fit, here's an idea - just don't download Clip Ninja and move on to the next app.


Records everything you type. Don't lose a word. Clip Ninja is a unique application that will save everything you write, anywhere. It keeps a detailed history of everything you write, in ANY application, not just what you copy in the clipboard. Think of it as a Clipboard Manager on steroids. Wish you copy pasted that text before hitting the Send button? Do you want to look at your clipboard history? You mistakenly deleted that web address it took so long to write? Are you looking for something you wrote yesterday and forgot to save anywhere? No problem.


  • Saves everything you type, in any native application, not just what you copy in the clipboard.
  • It's also a great Clipboard Manager. Does what others do, just better.
  • Plays back your typing history with the swipe of a finger. Think of it as a basic undo/redo feature. Messed up anything ? Just go back, copy an old version, and paste it back.
  • Save your favourites with a touch Just tap the star icon.
  • You can filter your history to show everything, just favourites, just clipboard history or just the text you type in a given application.
  • You don't need to leave the app you're using. Tap the notification icon and have it pop up above your current window.
  • Edit your snippets or create new ones from scratch !
  • Send your snippets by mail, twitter and share them with any application.
  • Long click any text in the detail view to select, share or copy just a part of it [only Android 2.3+]


  • Setup a lock pattern (the Android's way !) to protect your data from prying eyes.
  • Black list any app you don't want to appear in your clips.
  • We don't send any data over the Internet. This application is not Internet enabled at all.
  • Due to the limitation of Android, Clip Ninja cannot save or retrieve passwords, don't ask for that: it just cannot be done.
  • Requires NO PERMISSIONS at all.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

BT Controller - Ad Supported

BT Controller allows you to use your android device as a gamepad controller for any other Android device. For example, you can play a SNES emulator on your tablet connected to your TV with your phone as the controller. It also works the other way around, you can use your tablet as a controller for your phone or a phone as a controller for another phone etc.

image image

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Steam for Android

Steam for Android is an unofficial Steam client, but it's very well made and follows the ICS theme guidelines, which is another plus in my book.


The whole Steam Community... at your fingertips. Steam for Android lets you check your Steam's PUBLIC profile. See whether your friends are online or playing a certain game, check your groups updates, or simply peek at the Steam Specials tab to see if there are any interesting discounts on the Steam store.

  • Summary tab.
  • Friends tab.
  • Groups tab.
  • Games tab.
  • Specials! tab.
  • Favorites tab.
  • Smooth user interface: swipe left/right or simply click on the desired tab. The tabs are linked circularly, meaning that there is no first or last tab, so there is no need to go all the way back!
  • Bandwidth friendly: the only information downloaded is the one on the opened tab, the rest of the tabs remain asleep until you open them.
  • Battery friendly: no background tasks or services that consume your phone's battery. Once the app is closed, it is closed for good.
  • Compatibility: works (or SHOULD work, please email me with any bugs you find) with any phone running Android 1.6 to Android 4.0.
  • Install to SD Card: for phones with Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Void Lock

A gesture lockscreen replacement that offers both convenience and security. Imagine this scenario: A guy picks up your phone. What's the first thing he'll do? Turn it on of course. He presses the power button... no response. Presses a couple other buttons and touches the screen... no response. What's the first thing he'll think of? Phone's Off. Battery's Dead. It wouldn't occur to him that the phone is actually ON, but pretending its off.

-Two methods of unlocking
--Gesture Mode
--Key Combinations
Both offering an incredible amount of security
-App launching from lockscreen
You're able to create gestures for ANY app and launch it from the lockscreen. Please be advised that if you use simple gestures for these, it places your device at risk more
-Activate Settings from lockscreen
Need to turn phone to vibrate? Normal lockscreens requires you to unlock the phone, then unlock the lockscreen, then pull down the status bar to press Volume. Now, just do a volume down gesture, its safer too
-MugShot *BETA*

Void Lock
Void Lock
Developer: DevJackey
Price: Free

Snapdragon GameCommand™

Android Police coverage: [Updated] Qualcomm's Snapdragon GameCommand Released To The Android Market A Few Days Early

Snapdragon GameCommand™ makes it easy for you to discover and manage new games. So many games, so little time! Snapdragon GameCommand™ makes it easy for you to discover, manage, and download the best new games for your Android devices. Read descriptions, view screen shots, and watch trailers for featured games in the Snapdragon™ GamePack. With a single click, you can go directly to the Android Market or developer's website to buy or download the games directly.

If your phone or tablet is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (and most are), you'll even get exclusive features in some games, including some exclusive titles, including Desert Winds, the great new action adventure mini game featuring console-quality graphics made possible by Snapdragon's Adreno GPU. Snapdragon GameCommand not only provides a way to quickly find, learn about, and buy the latest Snapdragon featured and exclusive games, it also provides a place to organize and launch all your favorite games from one place.
You also get the latest gaming news from some of the most popular gaming news sites from the built-in news reader in Snapdragon GameCommand.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

BuddyTV Guide

Find what you'll want to watch in 20 seconds or less. What one prominent CEO called "Harry Potter's magic wand for TV" is simply the most powerful TV application available. BuddyTV Guide is like a magic wand for your TV. Our goal is that you'll instantly find what you want to watch and tune into it, say in 20 seconds or less. Try that with your traditional program guide. Whether it be the recommendations, the ability to have a guide with only your favorite channels or the ability to filter based on your mood, you'll quickly find something to watch across broadcast TV, cable/satellite and Netflix.

What makes it so MAGICAL:
✔ Prioritizes favorite channels to the top
✔ Recommends Amazon Instant and Netflix programs (if applicable)
✔ Tap on the guide to tune-in* on your TV
✔ Recommends shows based on your taste
✔ Suggests shows that can get buried in the grid
✔ Perfect companion for TiVo and Google TV 1.0 and 2.0

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Audiotool Sketch

Create your own beats with Audiotool Sketch. Audiotool Sketch allows you to sequence sounds using emulations of three different classic devices. Make some beats with one of the drum machines and then move onto the bassline. Once you have finished building your sequences navigate to the overview and start switching up the patterns, add some delay or change the tempo, all in real time. Each device includes the full range of parameters which would have been found on the original machines, this coupled with the multi-touch functionality makes it possible for the user to really control each device's output signal. Audiotool Sketch is built around the same audio engine as Audiotool and outputs full power audio.

Any tablet that shipped with Honeycomb should have no problem running Audiotool Sketch. The only phone which is currently capable of running the app is the Galaxy Nexus.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


LoopStack is the ultimate Android looper.


- 4 independent recordable tracks.
- Combine tracks via drag and drop.
- High quality 44KHz 16bit recording and processing.
- Control volume and reverb effect per-track.
- Automatic latency calibration.
- Built-in metronome.
- Maximum loop time: 32 seconds
- Export mixdown + raw tracks to WAV (unlock key required)

See video below for a demo. It's VERY important to use headphones to keep the recordings clean and stop the app from re-recording itself.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Touch twice and Relax... Pulsate is a simple app which allows you to create musical patterns from randomly colliding circles. Sit back, watch the circles collide and listen to the evolving melodies. Please note that Pulsate is designed to run on modern devices and is intended to be used with headphones.

Developer: Audiotool
Price: $0.99

Hot Light

If you don't like Krispy Kreme donuts or don't know what the Hot Light means, you probably don't need this app.


On a road trip or stuck at the office daydreaming about the mouth-watering goodness of a Hot Original Glazed Doughnut? Never miss another opportunity to get a Krispy Kreme doughnut Hot…Now...off the line.

The Krispy Kreme Hot Light App lets you:

- See if there is a Hot Light on near you.
- Be alerted when a Hot Light is activated in your area.
- Find Krispy Kreme locations near your location.

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme
Developer: Krispy Kreme
Price: Free

ICS Browser Plus by BeanSoft

Android Police coverage: Beansoft Builds On The ICS Browser, Releases 'Browser Plus' To The Market

Based on the ICS browser, this browser version adds some handy extra functions. For now only three extra function are added:

  • option to get extra quick controls
  • possibility to set the User Agent string
  • option to use volume keys for scrolling

More functions will be added along the way.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Are You Watching This?!

WE WATCH SPORTS. Every game. Every channel. And alert you when to tune in. Welcome to Are You Watching This?!, the very best sports app for Android smartphones, tablets, and Google TV.

Scores, News, and TV Listings for: Arena Football, Auto Racing (NASCAR, F1, IRL), Men's College Basketball, Women's College Basketball, College Football, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL, NHL, Soccer (MLS and World Cup), and the WNBA.


Are You Watching This?!
Are You Watching This?!
Developer: RUWT? Sports
Price: Free

CloudAround Lite Music Player

Want to stream music from your Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Rackspace? CloudAround can do that. Unfortunately, the Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music aren't supported, as they don't have any official APIs, but I really like the idea behind this app. A UI refresh is coming in February as well, according to the app's developer (a really nice gent).

Note: this app is a bit older than two weeks, but since it was never advertised by the creators or noticed by us, I thought it was worth a mention.


FREE streaming music?! Powered by Dropbox, Amazon, Rackspace, and local music.

No signup needed and no cost! Choose from Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, local songs or all of the above with as many accounts as you want. There are more clouds coming soon. Download CloudAround and start streaming your music library instantly. With the CloudAround music player you will have an interface that combines all types of music in one place.

- No account setup required
- Integrated local storage media with your music from the cloud
- Caching for instant playback
- Music downloading from the cloud straight to your phone
- Full album art/cover support
- Automatic song recognition. No searching through filenames!
- Gapless playback
- Seamless integration of multiple clouds in one interface
- Add as many cloud accounts as you would like.
- Full SSL support to protect your secure data
- Purchase CloudAround for $1.99 to remove the ads!

Although very similar to Amazon MP3 player, Google Music, Cloudskipper, PowerAMP, and Dropbox, it combines the best of these worlds and lets you access the same data how you want to access it. There is no need to upload all of your music to another provider just so you can stream it. Let CloudAround find, sort, and tag all of your music for you, instantly.

COMING SOON: Soon we will have a slick new interface for our users which will include several UX enhancements to the music player on tablets as well as any music source. The new UX will be driven by the feedback you guys have given us, so please keep it coming. We have much more in store for our users, so keep an eye on our releases!

CloudAround Music Player
CloudAround Music Player
Developer: CloudAround, LLC
Price: Free+

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool, and it now has its own Android app. If you're are not handling multiple social streams or don't have any desire to use Sprout Social, you can safely skip this app.


All of your favorite Sprout Social features are now available on the go. Engage with your audience, manage team workflow and monitor your brand while on the go. Whether you are behind the counter helping customers or on the tarmac headed to a conference in Vegas, you will have the power to keep your business social.

The Android app will put the power of Sprout Social in the palm of your hand, allowing you to:
• Manage all of your social feeds from one intuitive application
• Complete Social and Brand monitoring from anywhere
• Send updates to all of your social networks on the go
• Genius strikes at all hours - schedule messages to send at a later time
• View reach, clicks and retweets of sent messages
• Assign personal or team tasks for follow-up

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses manage their social media efforts more effectively and efficiently. Sprout Social integrates with multiple social networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. When used with your Sprout Social account, it offers team or individual engagement and publishing tools with in-depth analytics, brand monitoring, competitive insights and social CRM features. Sprout Social is known for its intuitive, easy to use web and mobile platform.


Browser Swap Lite

Intelligent web browser switcher that gives total control over browsing sessions. Ever wished you could always open a particular web site, on a particular web browser only, regardless of whichever app /widget you clicked the link? What if your phone had the ability to automatically choose one web browser when connected to mobile network data and another one on WiFi? How many times have you been pushed to the mobile version of a site, despite clicking the link to the desktop version? Wouldn't it be great to always visit the desktop version of a particular site of your choice while allowing other sites to take you to the mobile version?

Introducing Browser Swap Lite, the intelligent companion app for your web browsers. Browser Swap Lite is not designed to replace your favorite web browser. Instead it will work with all your browsers & give complete control over all your web browsing sessions. It offers the following features:

  1. Network Swap (GSM & CDMA supported)
  2. Domain Swap
  3. Browser Jump
  4. Browser Launcher

Browser Swap Lite
Browser Swap Lite
Developer: AppTuners
Price: Free


Turn your smartphone into a NeoTV remote control. NeoTV remote control app makes it a breeze to find and play your favorite channels on the NeoTV Streaming Player. You can even share favorite channels you are watching on Facebook with your friends.

Supported NeoTV models: NETGEAR NTV200

NeoTV Remote
NeoTV Remote
Developer: NETGEAR NeoTV
Price: Free

Happy Snowflake

A little too late this time around, but it will become useful next year! Very neat idea and a great implementation.


Download this best app to make paper snowflakes on your device. Show your creativity and send your handmade snowflakes with greetings to your friends and family this holiday season.

Here are some application features:
- easy and fun paper cutting
- zoom in/out while creating a snowflake
- undo and redo
- personal gallery and access to the public gallery of handmade snowflakes
- possibility to save snowflake images to your device or to the Facebook album
- easily share snowflakes you create with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Live Wallpapers

Holo Grid LWP

Holo Grid live wallpaper, beautiful abstract 3D grids. Also great for Android 4.0 ICS Holo native theme.

Holo Grid Live Wallpaper
Holo Grid Live Wallpaper
Developer: Xllusion
Price: Free

Ram Planet: Winter Free

Who said winter never (b)ends?! Ramdroid Studios proudly presents: Ram Planet: Winter. This interactive wallpaper turns your device into a portable winter planet with functionality. Watch how snowflakes fall gently to the ground while the planet rotates along as you swipe across your home screens. Let it snow!

Ram Planet: Winter Free LWP
Ram Planet: Winter Free LWP

WTF App(s) Of The Week

Drunken Pee

Eww? And that 2nd screenshot really left me WTFing while figuring out what exactly is going on there.

Realistic drunk urine flow simulation algorithm - OK, fine, shut up and take my money! Oh wait, it's free...


How good your urine aim is when you're really drunk? The best drunk humor game! Drink huge amounts of alcohol and booze while tilting your phone to aim your urine flow to a toilet bowl. May sound simple and easy, but the difficulty increases each time you take a drink. Funniest gameplay ever and hilarious sound effects.

* Control urine spray by tilting your phone. (game utilizes gravity sensor).
* Hilarious and funny drunken man speech.
* Very funny sound effects in general.
* Generated female voice gives you feedback after each gameplay session.
* Drink huge amount of alcohol and booze. Forget about beer, it is meant for the ladies.
* Realistic drunk urine flow simulation algorithm

Caution: Contains excessive usage of lame humor, alcohol usage and urinal action! May not be suitable for younger people.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

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