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Featured Game


Today's roundup is sponsored by HeroCraft's new game, Scrubs - yup, the official game for the TV show with the same name (one of my favorites).

Welcome to Sacred Heart Hospital and the official Scrubs mobile game based on the hit TV sitcom. As a new intern you'll rub shoulders with your favourite Scrubs characters - JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Cox, Kelso and unfortunately the Janitor too! As the newbie you'll have to fulfil all sorts of requests from the senior staff and it looks like you'll have to play detective as well as doctor, helping to find missing possessions, scattered fancy dress costumes and even misplaced medical supplies!

The main gameplay takes the form of a Hidden Object Game, using familiar locations from the series, including the nurse's station and the staff room. You'll also stumble across various unlockable mini-games from stitching body parts to racing wheelchairs. Your task will be to solve an exciting mystery and your investigation will ensure a captivating plot that will keep you guessing right until the end.

The game features:

  • Varied gameplay genres: hidden object, quest, adventure and puzzles
  • Medical based mini-games
  • A dozen familiar game locations
  • All your favorite Scrubs characters
  • Humorous comic book style graphics
  • Black comedy storyline

For those who want to give Scrubs a go before paying the $1.99, there's a free Lite version available here.

image image image


The app was not found in the store. :-(


Mega Mall Story by Kairosoft

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Become The King Of All Malls In Kairosoft's 'Mega Mall Story'

Mega Mall Story is Kairosoft's latest game in the Story series that we've all grown to love ever since the original Game Dev Story came out.


Design a towering mall of mega proportions. Attract droves of customers and elevate yourself to 5-star status in this mall management simulation game. Add anything from fast food joints to sushi restaurants, stairs and elevators--even a heliport--all with a touch of the finger. When your establishment's popularity reaches a certain point, a "Fever" is triggered in which customers swamp your mall. You can then exercise your newfound affluence by investing in the surrounding area--bringing in even more customers and being a good citizen at the same time.

Mega Mall Story
Mega Mall Story
Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Price: $6.99

SoulCraft THD

Android Police coverage: SoulCraft THD Open Beta Hits Android Market – Experience Apocalypse, Fight Angels, Demons, And Humans From Your Tegra-Powered Device

OPEN BETA ONLY FOR TEGRA POWERED DEVICES (more Android devices coming very soon).

With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel, demon or human – it is up to you who will win this fight.

- free2play Action RPG for Tegra Android (more Android devices and iOS, WP7 & PC coming soon)
- play in real locations such as Venice, Rome & Hamburg with more locations coming soon
- including New York, Tokyo or Washington
- play as an Angel now with more races including Demon and Human coming soon
- five different game modes including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights
- lots of different and diversified enemies, weapons and spells

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Majesty: Northern Expansion by HeroCraft

The Northern expansion is - you guessed it - an expansion to HeroCraft's original Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, offering new missions, locations, monsters, and other additions.


“Majesty: The Northern Expansion” - it’s time to feed the dragons! Do you know the easiest way to kill a dragon? Just stuff a sheep or ram with a heap of poisonous filth and feed it to a dragon. Of course it's not the most heroic method but it is very safe and effective. Another option is to announce a reward for the dragon’s head. After that the only thing you have to do is wait while the army of heroes, wizards and freaks drive a monster to its grave. It is always necessary to find a solution to the dragon problem because all the members of this scale-winged tribe have the same disease. It is a strong allergy to humans and their settlements and all dragons use the only medicine against this illness; total annihilation of the humans.

All who liked the original mobile game “Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim” will undoubtedly be pleased by its add-on “Majesty: The Northern Expansion” which gives an opportunity for players to continue their conquest in a new snowy location. Among the key features of this add-on are improved graphics, changeable weather and the integration with social networks.

★ new missions and new location – Northern Lands
★ legendary indirect control strategy totally adapted for mobile platforms
★ 10 types of hero with dozens of statistics, weapons and armour
★ new monsters
★ several dozen spells
★ 30 upgradeable building types
★ changeable weather
★ all game awards and high-scores can be integrated into your social networks with one click
★ skirmish mode

Majesty: The Northern Expansion
Majesty: The Northern Expansion

Tiki Kart 3D

Tiki Bobby - ha. Don't let the name fool you, Tiki Kart 3D is really fun - just watch the trailer.


Extreme 3D Kart Racing, take complete control over the vehicle! Extreme physics, speed, crashes, weapons and more. Tiki Bobby has been making friends, enemies, and has even contacted some old buddies from way back, and they have decided to go racing. From the depths of the volcano there has emerged some of the zaniest vehicles one could imagine. Ever thought of slapping some wheels on a giant piece of fruit and taking it for a spin? How about racing around in a turtle shell? Why not go a step further and race around in a fruity tropical drink, umbrella and all. If you would rather be the big bully on the road, why not ride around in big heavy log or a volcano powered lump of rock? We did not forget our traditionalist with a sleek powder keg powered drag racer and Tiki Bobby’s take on what a traditional kart should be.

  • 8 karts
  • 15 tracks
  • Boosts, Rockets, Land Mines, Fireballs, Oil slicks, Sticky Tar
  • Fast paced
  • Springs
  • 3 Levels of difficulty and speed
  • Each Kart has its own handling and abilities

image image image

Tiki Kart 3D
Tiki Kart 3D
Developer: Arb Studios LLC
Price: Free+

Quell Reflect

Quell Reflect is a follow-up to the original Quell, which conquered the hearts of many.


A charming zen puzzler that is sure to test your brain and capture your heart. Quell Reflect has 80+ levels of ingenious gameplay, a gorgeous art style, and a haunting soundtrack. The objective is simple: slide a droplet around a layout of obstacles, traps and pathways, until you have collected all the pearls. Underneath this simple gameplay lies a world of intricacy. Quell Reflect's appeal lies in its gentle, soothing mood, which makes it a great way to unwind. If you have played the original Quell, you'll be delighted with the new gameplay features. If not, then now's the time to find out what you've been missing!

* Over 80 levels of cunningly crafted puzzles
* Gorgeous hand-painted art style
* Custom soundtrack by renowned composer Steven Cravis
* Perfectly balanced difficulty curve

Quell Reflect+
Quell Reflect+
Developer: FallenTreeGames
Price: $3.99+

Hamster Cannon by Big Blue Bubble

Hamster Cannon is a physics-based puzzle game, in which the user combines and launches various hamsters out of cannons to collect Golden Noms. Each hamster is armed with their own special skills so it is up to you to navigate the levels with a myriad of different surfaces and contraptions that can react differently depending on which hamster is being used. Do you remember the boring ol’ days when you had to feed your hamsters by hand like a sucker? Then you’d sit all day with your face pressed against the glass, waiting for them to wake up? Finally, at 3 a.m. you wake to the sound of their stupid, squeaky wheel?! Well… not our hamsters! We’re taking control and feeding our hamsters in the only way that makes sense… by shooting them out of CANNONS!

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Mortal Skies 2

Mortal Skies 2 , Blast your way to freedom. 1950, World War 2 never ended and German and Japanese forces have conspired to attack the free world. On your last mission you were captured and put in a prison camp. Now it's time for payback. Escape the prison camp and blast your way through enemy lines. Will you succeed to destroy them and finally make an end to World War 2?

Mortal Skies 2 is a Classic Shoot Em Up arcade action game with action packed gameplay and awesome graphics. Discover this fast paced shoot em up action game with hours, even days of fun. Collecting all achievements will keep you challenged to unlock extra planes.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


A few weeks ago on Reddit I heard a notion that there was a shortage of Tamagochi-like games for Android. Ask you you shall receive, and not one but two games! Check out BumpingBears and iQuarium (see below) for all the Tamgochi-like goodness you can handle.


Welcome to Bumping bears where you and your friends can raise adorable bears who live on cookies and donuts. Raise and care for up to three bears at once, dressing them in over 100,000 unique outfit combinations. Delicious customizable donut and cookie planets let you raise your bear towards one of over 70 bear professions. You can even make bear cubs by meeting up with friends in real life.

Bumping Bears is loaded with cool features:

  • Your bears and donut planet by choosing from over 100,000 unique accessory combinations
  • Friend other bear guardians in your area, have your bears date their bears. Or even meet up with the guardians to bump your phones together and have your bears date and mate instantly!
  • Complete quests, missions, and minigames to help your bears expand their horizons.
  • Test your parenting skills—will your bears become doctors? Lawyers? Pizza delivery specialists?

The app was not found in the store. :-(

iQuarium by Infinite Dreams

iQuarium - the personal relaxation companion you can keep in your pocket. We bring you a relaxing universe you will be happy to take with you everywhere you go. For everyday stress iQuarium is more than enough to relax. Chill out while watching your Parrot Chichlid fish swimming in its tank, feed it, play with it, interact with it or... do nothing - just listen to your own relaxing music and the air bubbles climbing up slowly to the water surface and let iQuarium soothe you and calm you down. As time passes by you will find new decorative items in your inventory so you can arrange your relaxing space whatever way you like. Just don't forget that your fish is a living creature and it depends entirely on you what kind of personality it will develop! iQuarium provides a sensation of relaxation and calm but still delivers tons of entertainment and fun!


iQuarium - virtual fish
iQuarium - virtual fish
Developer: Infinite Dreams
Price: Free+

2XL MX Offroad

Race MX and ATVs head-to-head to see if you can become the champion. 2XL MX Offroad combines two of our hit iOS games, Supercross and ATV Offroad! Race ATV and dirt bikes head to head.

☆ 16 unique MX Supercross and Outdoor Nationals tracks
☆ 2 Freestyle levels
☆ Massive career mode and achievement system
☆ Freestyle mode with advanced scoring system
☆ Race up to 8 opponents in single player mode
☆ 250cc two-stroke and 450cc four-stroke ATV and dirt bikes
☆ Choose from hundreds of MX and ATV bike and rider skin combinations
☆ Auto-gas and invisible controls feature
☆ 1st and 3rd person camera views
☆ 8 preset control schemes including Responsive Tilt Steering
☆ Adjustable level of difficulty

2XL MX Offroad
2XL MX Offroad
Developer: 2XL Games, Inc.
Price: Free+

Dark Incursion by by Big Blue Bubble

Dark Incursion is a side scrolling, hack and slash game that combines the old school pixel art with the stereoscopic 3D experience. It takes place in an alternate reality in the late 1800’s, amidst an industrial revolution and a world war. The player is the character, Anya, who is one of the few who know about a secret military laboratory developing biological weaponry that could devastate the entire planet if it got out of control. In Dark Incursion, players have a multitude of bio-engineered weapons at their disposal with which to eradicate the abominations from the city. Weapon and ability upgrades will get more powerful the deeper players get and the more advanced the monsters become.

  • Stereoscopic 3D using classic Red/Blue 3D glasses!
  • Countless enemies from super soldiers to monstrous creatures!
  • Customizable bioweaponry with hundreds of deadly combinations!
  • Intriguing story!
  • Fantastic Steam Punk art style!
  • XPERIA PLAY Optimized

Dark Incursion
Dark Incursion
Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Price: $2.49

Rusted Warfare - RTS

Rusted Warfare is an Android RTS inspired by classic games such as Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer. Play on the go against your friends on your phone or tablet. Build up bases, extract resources and create your army.

-Both campaign and skirmish missions, with full AI
-Land, air, and sea units
-Unit pathfinding and formations
-Fast Interface: issue commands through the minimap, multi-touch support
-Strategic zoom feature: Zoom out to view and issue commands across the whole battlefield
-Multiplayer over Wifi and Internet
-Survival mode (tower defense like)
-Full screen tablet support
-Install To SD supported

Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy
Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy

Lazy Snakes Free

A little bit of thinking and a whole lot of fun! These snakes are not dangerous or aggressive and definitely not angry... they are just really lazy! Help feed them, overcoming a variety of obstacles that will require a bit of thinking and creativity, but will sure to keep you smiling with satisfaction.

Lazy Snakes
Lazy Snakes
Developer: Primadawn
Price: Free+

Tiny Comet

Will you be able to find your loved ones before it's too late? You've been captured by Earth's gravity and separated from your family, you must reach the open space and find your loved ones before it's too late. As a tiny comet, you will start your journey to reach the stars, your home, flying through green hills, oceans, jungles and deserts and across snowy mountains.. the stars are closer at every step. Fly towards the goal, absorb as much sun energy as you can to avoid fading away, dodge obstacles and watch out for the angry birds, they will do anything to stop you from leaving the planet.

Fortunately, there are numerous power-ups that make your life easier, thanks to them you can turn yourself into a glowing ball of fire capable of carbonizing any enemy, in a bulldozer that can break down every wall, in a “attract-energy” magnet and much more… and when you have the opportunity do not hesitate to turn yourself into a giant and indestructible supernova of unimaginable power.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Pirate Mysteries

Pirate Mysteries: a tale of Monkeys, Masks and Hidden Objects. Explore exotic lands while trying to save your demon possessed father in this fun and humorous hidden object game! Meet unique characters, solve ancient riddles and journey through an adventure that stretches from the shores of the Atlantic to the darkest corners in the Land of the Dead.

- Embark on a grand hidden object quest
- Fun and comedic story line
- Meet strange and quirky characters along the way
- 30 unique and exciting locations
- 10 minigames that needs solving
- Install to SD card supported (App2SD)

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Marball Odyssey

The game follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists. The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds, avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms. Along the route, you can pick up various bonuses to improve your score.

Marball Odyssey Free
Marball Odyssey Free
Developer: LABBE Sylvain
Price: Free

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots expansion is no longer exclusive to Amazon for those of you who couldn't buy it from there.


The suave fruit-slashing swashbuckler, Puss in Boots, faces a challenge that would make Sensei proud. His search for the Magic Beans brings him to developer Halfbrick's legendary hit game Fruit Ninja. Prepare for a journey full of familiar and fruit slicing action he encounters a huge variety of new and exciting challenges. Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots features the all-new Bandito mode! Slice through a series of increasingly exciting challenges to become the greatest Fruit Ninja warrior ever! Each stage thrusts you into never-seen-before fruit frenzy adventure: Massive fruit from the Giant's castle, precision and timing challenges, all-out fruit onslaughts with new obstacles And for the first time EVER: Throw down against the most-requested addition in Fruit Ninja history - the tomato.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Desert Winds Mini Game by Qualcomm

Desert Winds™ is a free action adventure mini game featuring console-quality graphics made possible by Snapdragon mobile processors. The game is set in an exotic and mystical world in another time and place. The player takes the role as the princess Amira, brought up to be an assassin after having fled the desert kingdom she grew up in as a child. Amira has now returned to her homeland and the goal of the game is to find the killer of her parents and reclaim the throne of the kingdom.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Experiment 13 for Xperia Play

Manipulate the gravity and help Roy solve all exciting puzzles. Exclusive for Xperia PLAY. Roy Tate, a simple and lazy trainee at the local research laboratory, simply couldn't keep his long fingers away from the latest experiments. Now Roy has accidentally teleported himself to dimension 13, an unknown place full of mind-bending puzzles, devious traps, and vicious monsters. Collect all of the powerful spheres in each level to open the portal to the next level and a step closer to home. Not only can you run, jump, and climb, but you can also rotate the entire world around you to achieve your goals! Use gravity to your advantage to solve over 40 unique levels, unlock all the awards, and maximize your score.



Experiment 13
Experiment 13
Price: Free

Fight Game: Heroes for Xperia Play

Fight Game: Heroes, an action packed fighting game that shows you what happens outside of the ring. Designed exclusively for the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play. Compete in unique environments, consisting of back alleys, grimy bars and other areas where the laws of the fight clubs reign supreme. Fight your way to glory by defeating the Combat Sport Champions of past and present in the career-mode or try to beat your friends and foes in competitive game-modes.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

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