Along with a software update to the TiVo Premiere DVR, Margret Schmidt VP of TiVo User Experience tweeted the release of their first Android app:

This comes as great news to TiVo owners as it allows them to control their DVRs from the comfort of their Android 2.1+ phone or 7-inch tablet (the app description makes particular reference to "7-inch tablet").

The app looks to be a great first try with most of the features a TiVo user would want, including:

  • Browse the channel guide and record shows without exiting the currently running programme
  • View shows up to 14 days in advance
  • Schedule and manage TV shows and movie recordings
  • Search for content over your TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & Blockbuster in an integrated view
  • Explore information on the cast and crew of the current show
  • Comment and share information about the show on Facebook and Twitter
  • Use a TiVo remote control replica (but don't worry you won't have to use this interface as you can use the app's gesture based controls)
  • Schedule, search, and browse content when you are away form your device

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As expected, the app has garnered plenty of favourable reviews, however its rating is currently at 3.9 owing to a small number of 1 star reviews. In particular users are having difficulty with certain TiVo products. I would recommend skimming the reviews to see if yours could be affected, before downloading the app. There is also an Android support page on the TiVo website, but it does not seem to be running yet.

While I would love to test out this app, I unfortunately do not own a TiVo and even if I did the app does not seem to work in Singapore. So, let us know in the comments what you think about the app!

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