Imagine leading a team of highly trained special-ops on a mission to save the world from an evil villain bent on mass destruction. Now imagine those trained professionals have incredible super powers that make them unstoppable. What could possibly make that scenario more awesome? Super seals, that's what. Roll that all into one and you have the premise behind Seal Force, a unique line-drawing game by Nordisk Film Interactive unlike anything else I have ever come across.


First Things First

As I stated before, I have never seen a game quite like this one before. I've played quite a few mobile games and have yet to play an action line-drawing one. I'm not saying they don't exist, but this one has really caught my attention for numerous reasons. Aside from the new type of gaming experience, Seal Force has some pleasing visuals and graphics, and the storyline has "action-packed" written all over it.


The aim of this game is to fight off waves of baddies while trying to stop the evil Krillian from poisoning the ocean. You do so by taking control of three specially trained krill-killing seals who each have their own abilities. They hang out on the left side of your screen and can be deployed by drawing a line for them to follow, but only one seal can be sent out at a time under normal circumstances (you'll need a power-up to take control of the whole team at once). As your team swims after Krillian, waves of krill minions begin to appear from the left and can only be eliminated by a seal of the same color (sometimes blasts from other kills will eliminate other enemies). The game really starts to get fun and challenging when the screen fills with enemies of every color, making the player carefully plan out attack paths. As you advance, power-ups become available. Some will arm your seal with a super-suit, while others speed up the gameplay or allow you to deploy all seals at once.

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To progress in Seal Force, you'll have to complete missions to reach checkpoints. Missions can be anything from killing a certain amount of krill, or traveling a certain distance. They are fun to strive for, really add some replay value to this game, and reward you with shells once completed. One mission that I had fun with was not using a particular seal for 30 miles, which became really complicated when his color krill appeared on the screen and I had to find other ways to kill them.

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If you let an enemy past your line of defense, then you'll have to head back to base to regroup. Here you'll be able check your progress, see current missions, and buy upgrades for your seal team using shells you collect in game. While it is entirely possible to beat this game without purchasing anything, I should also note that you can purchase shells for real money should you feel the need to upgrade faster. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Oh no! Not another game with in-app purchases." Well, I can assure you that this game does not require in-app purchases at all. The gameplay will still be as fun and addictive, and you won't be missing any premium features if you choose not to buy. However, a purchase may be enticing as it also permanently removes ads.

In addition to all of this awesome gameplay, the visuals and soundtrack really make Seal Force ten times better. This game has some incredible animations and just looks great. With a typical Mission Impossible-like soundtrack, the audio really bumps up the action aspect of the game.


I really cannot find anything negative to say about this game. If you're looking for a casual game that could be played anytime, then Seal Force could be for you. It offers up some pretty unique gameplay, along with an awesome storyline and visuals. I really haven't seen anything like it before, and I can't stop playing it.

If you want to check it out, hit the link below.

Seal Force
Seal Force
Price: Free+