December's Home Screen Challenge – like our first two challenges – gave us a look at some extremely impressive home screens, pushing aesthetics and home screen tweaking to their limits. It was tough to pick just one winner, but in the end, suprafreak1000's zen-like reimagining of the Android interface won us over. Like always, we'll break down the winning home screen and explain each of its parts, so you, the reader, can design your own creation using the same elements.

Winner – SupraFreak1000

Suprafreak1000 (known as Scott on myColorscreen) has built a unique, practical, and visually impressive home screen, blending a cohesive color scheme with a simplistic interface. Without further ado, here are the screenshots:


The first thing you'll probably notice about Suprafreak's home screen and lock screen is the stunning set of wallpapers. Scott has kindly provided a link to the lock screen wallpaper here, and the home screen wallpaper here.

Next up is the stylish sliding mechanism that is the lock screen. Here, Scott used 'KindleFire Lock MIUI,' available for download here, courtesy of Deviant Art user marcarnal.

The main home screen utilizes the ever-popular ADW Launcher EX, augmented by Desktop VisualizeR, and utilizes the Minimalistic Retro icon set from Deviant Art user blieblieed.

ADW Launcer EX is an extremely popular launcher replacement which promises to take users "beyond tweaking your android desktop." As you can see, it offers extensive customization, and is the basis for many great home screen designs. If you're into home screen design, ADW Launcher EX is well worth the $3.00 or so it will cost you from the Android Market.

Desktop VisualizeR allows users to make customized shortcuts and widgets, using their own icon images, providing great versatility, and enabling completely unique interface designs.

ADWLauncher 1 EX
ADWLauncher 1 EX
Developer: AnderWeb
Price: $1.99

Desktop VisualizeR
Desktop VisualizeR
Developer: Bii, Inc.
Price: Free

Suprafreak's home screen also utilizes a nifty clock known as Memodijay mClock Mod, available for download from XDA here. This clock is a simple, bubble-esque widget whose circular shape pairs nicely with the bokeh of a photographic wallpaper, as seen above.

Finally, Suprafreak has added a small widget near the middle of the screen which displays the day of the week. This widget is the popular Minimalistic Text, which allows for greatly customizable (yet greatly simplistic) date, time, weather, and battery level widgets. Minimalistic Text is, conveniently, available free of charge from the Android Market.

Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Developer: Devmil
Price: Free+

So there you have it, another beautiful home screen design broken down. Now that we've explored each of the components that went into December's winning home screen, check out the runners up below. To get more info about each of their set ups, simply click each runner up's name.

Simplistic – PC


NiteUI – Androidatnight

image image image

Of course this month will bring another chance to show off your home screen's superb design, so get your entries ready and prepare for January's challenge!