Motorola Droid RAZR owners (and developers) received a bit of good news yesterday, thanks to a leaked set of fastboot files which allow your RAZR to be restored to stock in case of a soft brick or other unforeseen issue.


Many users over at XDA and forums have already reported success in flashing the files and restoring their devices, indicating that the fastboot set is, in fact, the real deal.

For users, this means that there is always a way to get the RAZR back to stock configuration. The same goes for developers, meaning development for Moto's latest addition to the Droid family will liven up considerably. It's worth mentioning that flashing these files will (predictably) remove root, and restore your device to software version 6.11.744.

To flash the files, you'll need to install Motorola's mobile drivers for the RAZR (available here), and RSD Lite (available here).

Without further ado, a .zip folder containing the relevant files can be downloaded from XDA or

Thanks Jim!