The deal is back - Quickoffice Pro is $2.99 yet again in the Appstore.


For mobile document editing, there has always been one clear choice: Quickoffice Pro. But, for those who only need it occasionally, justifying the $10 price tag may just not be possible. With that in mind, the Amazon Appstore comes to the rescue, as you can get this mobile Microsoft Office compatible suite for only $2.99!

If you're not familiar with the Quickoffice Pro, it allows you to  view, edit, and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files all on the go from your mobile device. Not only that, but it also features Dropbox, Google Docs, Box, SugarSync, Huddle, and MobileMe integration, for super easy file sharing.

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It is worth noting that this deal is only for Quickoffice Pro for Android 2.0-2.3 devices, not the Honeycomb compatible Quickoffice Pro HD version.

We're not sure how long this deal will last, so head over the to Amazon Appstore and get it while the gettin's good!

Thanks, Jacob!