For the first time, Android Police is having its go at a "best of the year" series, and we're going to need your help. Android Police will be featuring a number of posts in the coming weeks leading up to CES 2012 showing off the very best of what Android has brought to people around the world over the last year. Your favorite phones, tablets, apps, and games, will all be facing off for the chance at a (probably not very highly coveted) Android Police Andy Award, recognizing the best - above the rest.

Where do you come in? Well, first off, we want your input in helping to nominate potential winners. Here are the categories we're accepting nominations for:

  • Best New Non-Nexus Android Phone* (Please, do not nominate the Galaxy Nexus - we already know it's awesome.)
  • Best New Android Tablet
  • Best New Android App
  • Best New Android Game

Again, for best phone, please do not nominate the Galaxy Nexus. We all know it's the best Android phone of 2011 (and we'll recognize that, don't worry), but any Nexus-badged handset is going to get that title if it's released near the end of the year.

To submit your nominations, comment on the post below in the following format (please make sure your nominee was originally RELEASED in 2011 - for apps and games, check

    1. <Phone manufacturer and device name>
    2. <Tablet manufacturer and device name>
    3. <App name - needs to be EXACT>
    4. <Game name - needs to be EXACT>

That's it. We'll consider all nominations, and in the coming weeks, you'll have a chance to vote for your favorites in each category, and a "Reader's Choice" Winner will be selected, along with an Android Police Staff Winner (if we, politely, disagree). Nominations will be open for the next few days, so get cracking, guys!