When we first heard about Republic Wireless, it sounded too good to be true. $19 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data? No way. Then we got into the fine print and realized that unlimited had a different meaning in this scenario (much like with other carriers), as RW actually intended on you using your cell more over Wi-Fi and reserved the right to eject you from its network (which runs on Sprint's 3G backbone) if you used too much 3G data.

Here's the beautiful part about RW in its current state: it's still beta, so changes can be made on the fly. If that doesn't work, they can try something different. There were a limited number of seats in the beta arena (which have all been filled), so tweaking, playing with, and otherwise adjusting the network isn't a huge risk at this point.

So that's exactly what they did. Unlimited now means unlimited. No more booting heavy data users off the network. Use what you need, and the price is still $19/month. Of course, when you're around Wi-Fi, RW expects you to actually use it - and why wouldn't you? It's substantially faster than 3G even at the worst of times.

No hassle. No caps to deal with. They've dropped all the unnecessary stuff and just made it unlimited. It's beautifully simple, and I, for one, commend them for the change.

Good job, RW.