The team behind Firefox for Android teased the upcoming release with a tablet-friendly design back in late August, and the final version of FF9 just landed in the Android Market. The update not only features a specialized tablet interface, but also boosts performance and startup speed and brings some HTML5 tweaks to the scene, like camera input support and form validation.

SC20111221-090516 SC20111221-090503

The tablet interface offers some nice features over its phone-centric counterpart, like full-screen browsing in portrait, optimized tabs for easy thumb-switching between open pages, and a quick access buttons on the Action Bar. The overall feel and functionality of the finalized app is definitely a big improvement over the beta version that I tried when it was first announced, but the FF team has made one serious omission in this release: the option to change the user agent. That's right, even while browsing on the large screen of a tablet, you'll be stuck looking at mobile websites. Hopefully this is something that will be incorporated in a future update, but until then, I just can't use this as my daily driver.

FF9 is still definitely worth checking out, especially if you don't mind looking at mobile sites every once in a while. Hit the widget to give it a go.