Tired of your lackluster music collection? El Goog is here to you help you remedy that with a huge sale on millions of tracks for just $0.49 in the Android Market. Buying single tracks not your style? No worries, most albums are going for a mere $4.99, too.

2011-12-20 10h02_31

I searched through the Market for a few of my favorite artists - some popular, some obscure - just to see if I could find something going for more than $0.49 per track or $4.99 per album. What did I come up with? Nada. Everything I looked up had the same mega-low price tag. However, the sale's landing page does indicate that albums with a retail price of more than $14.99 or single tracks of more than $1.29 are excluded from the deal.

It's hard to say how long Big Daddy Goog plans on running this deal, so you better get while the gettin's good.

[Source Android Market via Androinica]