Update #1: The full flashable stock RUU (it's not rooted and will most likely wipe your data) has been leaked. It can be used by developers or users to roll back to stock 2.11.605.9. You can download it from our mirror here (MD5: 013cbdd3a9b28bc894631008fa2148e2).

Thanks, Garrett!

Update #2: This update breaks revolutionary at the moment, but a fix is on its way.

Thanks, Justin Case!

Update #3: Rooted and deodexed version is here.

The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon is all set to receive an update to version 2.11.605.9 up from 2.11.605.5 that arrived in October. The OTA contains a new radio (, and a few fixes, listed below.

Device Features

  • Resolved issue with contact ringtones.
  • Improvements to notification volume.
  • Updated local streaming playback mechanism when network connection is not available.

Apps & Widgets

  • Updated Twitter API for Peep/FriendStream.
  • Clock app included in All App list.
  • Improvements in Exchange ActiveSync.

We do know the size for this OTA (36 MB), but we don't know just when Verizon is going to start rolling it out. You can check manually on your device by going to Settings > Software update > Check new.

image image

Thanks, @B_More_Sol_jahh!