British Telecommunications plc (aka British Telecom, or BT) has joined the long list of litigants looking to catch Google on alleged patent infringement, filing a lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of Delaware claiming that Google infringed six of its patents with Android and other services.

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BT is out for blood, seeking damages as well as an injunction over patents ranging from "Service Provision System for Communications Networks" to "Storage and Retrieval of Location Based Information in a Distributed Network of Data Storage Services." Among the services named as prime examples of infringement are Google Maps, Places, Offers, Music, Location-based advertising, Google+, and of course Android.

It's worth noting that BT's lawsuit has materialized at a very interesting time. Specifically, it has come about just as Google tries to close its acquisition of Motorola Mobility Inc. It's unclear whether there is a connection here, but the timing is coincidental, if nothing else.

It isn't clear just yet which direction this suit may go, but if Google is made to pay more Android-related royalties on top of existing obligations, FOSS Patents speculates that the search giant may have to pass the expense to manufacturers, which could have a significant impact on Android's progress.

For a complete explanation of BT's claims regarding each of the six patents in question, check out FOSS Patents' post on the subject here.