After a rollercoaster of emotions and months of waiting, the back-from-mythical Galaxy Nexus was finally released on Verizon yesterday, but were the main reasons for the delays, in fact, related to unstable and poor connectivity? I've had endless problems with connectivity on the Thunderbolt (even with the latest firmware), and plenty of you had similar issues with pretty much all other LTE devices.

Can the Galaxy Nexus be no different? I assumed loss of data (even 3G, I'm not even talking about 4G here) and voice was a thing of the past with the Nexus, but having run into this Reddit post with multiple confirmations, I decided to do a quick poll using our social media accounts. The results were less than encouraging. Within minutes, I started getting replies from frustrated customers. Here are just some of them:

"@AndroidPolice YES! Huge data connectivity issues with this phone" - @mneighbo2

"@AndroidPolice I do" - @packruler

"@AndroidPolice Yes. Yes. Yes. :/" - @raygun01

"@AndroidPolice Yes and was happening on my Rezound as well, toggling airplane mode gets it back." - @FSRBIKER

"@AndroidPolice Heck yea, the service on my Nexus is horrible.. I was just having great service on my Droid Charge before the Nexus.. BAD!" - @Scotty_Braun

"@AndroidPolice yes here too" - @Kwamepoku2

"thought it was just me" - Nick Rains

"I've had some issues. Sometimes it just doesn't connect to Mobile Data for 10 minutes, and others it'll run fine." - Sahil Mehrotra

"Yes! It's honestly making me appreciate my Bionic more. I've never had so many No Connection Retry moments as I have since I upgraded to the Nexus." - Marci Neighbors

... and so on. Having determined that the issue is not limited to only a couple of users, I'd like to now get some numbers - please fill out this poll only if you are using a Verizon Galaxy Nexus:

Do your Verizon Galaxy Nexus data and/or voice experience frequent dropouts?

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There was a reason I didn't switch to Verizon when my contract with Sprint ran out earlier this year - the loss of data on the Thunderbolt was driving me nuts. Sprint is pretty bad here in the Bay Area as well, but at least the signal doesn't just disappear for minutes on end. Is something wrong with a lot of Verizon's LTE phones that makes them so unreliable? Could it be the network's fault? I don't know [yet], but I sure hope we'll get to the bottom of this.