There's no doubt that a good number of you are foaming at the mouth waiting to get your hands on the Galaxy Nexus, which is finally available today. While we've already seen a few sites drop the price a bit, none have been able to match the price that LetsTalk is offering the GN for: $155 for new customers, $175 for upgrades. That's half-off the price that VZW is asking for new customers!

2011-12-15 09h21_10 2011-12-15 09h13_46

The original price for the device is $230 for new customers and $250 for upgrades, so in order to knock an addition $75 off of LetsTalk's already-low price, all you need to do is use coupon code $75VZN at the checkout (shown above).

There is one caveat, however - when I tried to go through the checkout process, I was "forced" to change my plan (so I didn't complete the checkout). I couldn't find an option to keep my existing plan, so that's one thing you will definitely want to watch out for if you decide to give this a shot.

Galaxy Nexus at LetsTalk