An early version of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM built by Samsung itself and complete with TouchWiz has been leaked today to the folks at SamMobile. They've quickly put together this video to demonstrate exactly what Samsung has been cooking up for the upcoming update - and that would be a whole lot of TouchWiz on top of the beautiful ICS UI we've been admiring so far:

Ever since I got the SGS II in the U.S., I don't mind TouchWiz as much (though those click sounds make me cringe every time), but it's kind of starting to look and feel old compared to Ice Cream Sandwich itself. In fact, until you jump to the settings or look at the notifications bar color, you may not even realize you're looking at ICS at all, and that's something I would rather Samsung change in the final release (although a custom launcher should fix that right up).

If you feel like doing risky things to your phone, you can flash the Android 4.0.1 KP1 build shown off above, but note that it's only compatible with non-U.S. SGS II variants and is likely to be too unstable for a daily driver.

Source: SamMobile, thanks JannE and everyone else who sent the tip!