If you've got a Droid Incredible 2, you may want to grab it and hit the Settings > About phone > System updates option, because a new OTA update just started rolling out. This one is mostly a big fixer, but it does add a bit of new functionality to the device:

Security Features:

  • Includes Google BT/DigiNoTar security patch.
  • Includes Google security patch for upgrading libpng to 1.2.46
  • Includes Wi-Fi password security patch.

Device Features:

  • Support local video playback when in Airplane Mode.
  • 5 bar Received Signal Strength Indicator support.
  • Improvements to Clock and Alarm features.
  • The "Disable While Roaming" selection will work accurately when roaming in Canada.
  • Update Sync & Connect configuration to enable Push email sync during off-peak hours.

2011-12-13 14h20_44

Anyone out there have this update hit their device yet?

[Source Verizon Via Droid-Life]