The final release date for the worst Android device launch in Verizon's history since the Thunderbolt and the Bionic is still unclear, but some Best Buy locations apparently didn't get the memo and started selling the Galaxy Nexus ahead of schedule. Some of those who were lucky enough to grab this holiday season's hottest LTE-enabled Ice Cream Sandwich gadget decided to let the photos do the talking, as folks tend to get pretty edgy when it comes to Galaxy Nexus news. Let's have a look, shall we?

First up we have Sean Bates, aka sfbates, who posted the following:

image image

I'm not sure what the deal is with all 9s in the SKU, but something tells me someone either made a booboo or knowingly sold an item with a SKU that clearly indicated the item was not meant to be for sale just yet.

Update: I just heard from someone who works for Best Buy, and all 9s means the SKU was entered manually. Most likely that person will face severe penalties, regardless of his or her title in the company. I've now redacted the receipt, but since the photo was hanging out in the original thread for quite a while, potential damage has already been done.

Another lucky user who goes by the name dubya.t also bought a VZW Galaxy Nexus and quickly followed up with his own photos:

image image

Update: User guinnkevinr managed to snag one as well and noted that Best Buy at Sherman Oaks, CA had four more left when he left the store:

image image

Unfortunately, everyone else in the thread reported getting turned around with no ETA, so you will need all of your luck for the year to score one today.

One thing is for sure - these are some lucky sons of guns, though I have a feeling some heads may roll and some butts may be chewed.

Thanks, Chris!