Sprint announced earlier today that customers in San Francisco's Bay Area "can have happy holidays this year with increased 3G coverage." For those who haven't been obsessively checking the enhancement tracker on Sprint's network site, the Now Network has implemented 130  capacity upgrades in the Bay Area over the past 90 days alone, with 62 more enhancements planned for the next 90 days.

Christopher Brydon, Sprint's Northern California Area Director, had this to say about the recent improvements:

Not only can customers in the Bay Area enjoy a better network experience, they can do so without worrying about their bill. With Sprint’s unlimited plans and the recent network improvements, customers can use their devices the way they were intended – unencumbered.

The improvements have also enhanced signal strength and voice connectivity, meaning fewer dropped calls, in addition to stronger data connections.

Sprint has been known to lag on promised upgrades before (or surprise us with sudden, unexplained boosts in data speeds), so news of such a large round of enhancements is certainly refreshing (even if limited to one market). That being said, Sprint's coverage in San Francisco still leaves a lot to be desired, and has a long way to go in being brought up to par with some of the Now Network's more extensively covered areas.

To see Sprint's full news release on the subject, head over to the Sprint Newsroom.