If you're running a device without the Android Market and rely exclusively on the Amazon Appstore for your app-purchasing (say the Kindle Fire, for example), then you may be feeling slightly bummed that you can't score all these ultra-cheapo apps in Google's 10 Billion Promo sale. No worries, my friends, Amazon refuses to be outdone!

If you check the Amazon Appstore's $0.01 to $0.99 category, then you'll notice something interesting: quite a few $0.10 apps. If you've been following our daily coverage of the 10 Billion Promo, then you'll also notice that these $0.10 apps happen to be the same ones that Google is promoting with the sale in the Market.

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Not only is Amazon matching Google's price, but it appears as though it's also maintaining some of those prices for an extended amount of time. For example, Paper Camera (an app from the first day of the sale) is back up to $1.99 in the Android Market, but it's still sporting the $0.10 price tag in the Amazon Appstore. Good news for anyone who may have missed out on the first day!

To keep up with all of the el-cheapo apps in the Appstore, hit this link - it automatically updates, so you can easily keep an eye on the list.