Seems that Verizon has been experiencing some issues with its entire network for the biggest part of the day thus far - we've been hearing reports that its 4G LTE network has been down since earlier today, and it looks like 3G service is in-and-out, as well.


Big Red has been noticeably silent during this outage, so let's just hope that they have every man, women, and child on the job to get it fixed. We'll keep you posted as more details arise.

Update: Verizon claims the outage is only affecting 4G LTE devices, but I have been without 3G coverage (on a 3G-only device) for most of the day.

2011-12-07 16h20_08

Update x2 (6:00 PM CT): 3G service was restored on my phone approximately 20 minutes ago. Hopefully this is happening nationwide - can anyone with a 4G device confirm?