Ready to add another rumor to the pile surrounding the US Galaxy Nexus release date? No? I don't blame you. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to stop this whirlwind of release date madness.

We've been hearing December 9th as the final release date for the Galaxy Nexus on Big Red for several days now; heck, an orgy of proof showed up yesterday that all but confirmed it - or so we thought. Now we're hearing that 12/9 isn't the day after all. No one is sure what's actually going on, but we can say that we're not alone - a slew of other sites are hearing the same thing.

C'mon, Verizon, what's the hold up? At this point, I think that most users wouldn't mind waiting a couple more weeks if you would just give an official date. We're all pretty sick of this musical dates crap.