If you're getting tired of reading eBooks on a tiny phone screen or looking for a new eReader application for that shiny new tablet, check out Aldiko Book Reader. This popular eBook application just received a huge update geared toward tablet users. It has an entirely new tablet-optimized user interface, which means reading books on your device will look much better than before. In addition to the user interface overhaul, here's everything else the update includes:

  • Support for opening and importing files into the app directly from the browser, email attachments, and third-party apps like Dropbox.
  • Support for opening PDF file attachments in the Gmail client on Android 3.0+ tablets.
  • Support for new OPDS callbacks feature. (Which makes getting ePublications easier.)

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Now doesn't that look fancy? The price tag on this fine application is only $2.99. Far less than you would pay for a bookshelf full of books, and much thinner too.

Aldiko Classic Premium
Aldiko Classic Premium
Developer: De Marque
Price: $12.99

Thanks, Kang (and it looks like it's your real name too)!