The European GSM variant of HTC's foray into the tablet world, the Flyer, is currently getting its long-awaited bump up to Honeycomb 3.2.1. The update brings many new features to the tablet, including the latest version of Sense for Tablets with "enhanced internet browsing, mail, calendar, and more all optimized for the 7-inch screen."

2011-12-05 11h27_26

The Wi-Fi-only version hasn't been left behind completely, either - HTC states that it will receive its Honeycomb update soon, but no ETA has been given.

While this is definitely a welcome update to the Flyer, it comes shortly after the release of the ICS source code - let's hope that HTC can get the ball rolling and push the 4.0 update a lot quicker than it did with 3.2.x.