Good news for everyone waiting for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon: Galaxy Nexus units have started showing up at Verizon stores. This can mean only one thing - release is imminent. We've been waiting long enough for any details about the GN's US release, so without further ado, the goods:

IMG_20111205_085807 IMG_20111205_085859

IMG_20111205_085741 IMG_20111205_085816

As you can see, the packaging is about as clean as it gets - a solid white box, suggesting these are just training units. The sexy red innards with that big beautiful phone inside is definitely what we're all interested in anyway.

While we now know that VZW stores are getting test units, the last piece of the puzzle is still a mystery. C'mon, Big Red, can we get an official release date? Please?

[Source: XDA Via: Droid Life]