We all knew it was going to happen - the first lawsuits are being filed against Carrier IQ and its data-stealing nature. Not only is CIQ getting hit with a suit, but HTC and Samsung are also being thrown into the ring since many of their phones support the software.

The suit claims that Carrier IQ is in violation of the Federal Wiretap Act, which makes intercepting "oral, wire, or electronic communications" illegal. The punishment isn't a light one, either - $100 per day for every incident; that could potentially cost Sammy and HTC millions of dollars.

Information is just now becoming available about the suit, but we'll make sure to keep you posted as more details become available.

This is probably the first of many suits to come; after all, not a single carrier is involved... yet.

Update: Another class action lawsuit naming Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Motorola, and Apple in addition to HTC, Samsung, and CarrierIQ surfaced hours after this one.

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