HyperDevBox, the publisher of Spectral Souls, which previously wowed us with both the price sticker ($15) and the size of its creation (1GB) topped its own record today with the release of a new game. Generation Of Chaos, which the company dubbed the first massive strategy RPG for Android, nearly doubles the space requirements - you will need over 1.8GB to complete the installation process. That "massive" part gained a whole second meaning there, didn't it?

Promising 100 hours of gameplay, the game invites you to build out and rule your own kingdom, fighting 30v30 real-time battles using over 150 characters in 10 different campaigns. Here, take a look:



Generation Of Chaos costs a familiar $15, so you're practically getting double the geebees for the same price - you won't find a deal like that in a bargain bin at Walmart (can I buy 5?).

If you're a fan of Spectral Souls or if you're up for grabbing something you won't be able to refund (the download will probably take at least half an hour), proceed to the widget below. Otherwise, collect your jaw from the floor and carry on.

Developer: HyperDevbox
Price: $7.99