Have you heard of the inPulse Smartwatch? If not, you should probably check it out. It's a nifty little gadget that can connect to your Android (or Blackberry, but who uses those?) via Bluetooth, and show you text messages, email, calendar appointments, caller ID info, and more - all on your wrist.

2011-11-29 16h52_28

That's not all though - this thing has its own apps, too (and some pretty rad options, might I add). You can find novelty apps like a binary clock, Pong clock, odometer clock (after all, it is a watch), or go for the more practical options, like the PowerPoint presenter; yeah, you can navigate slides with your watch - you can't tell me that's not cool.

There's a lot more to this little guy than meets the eye, so head over to the inPulse website, check out the deets, and grab one for yourself - they're back up to normal price tomorrow.