Just two short weeks after the Kindle Fire received its first dose of Android development goodness (read: root), the first full custom ROM has made its way to the device. The ROM is question is, of course, CyanogenMod 7, the most widely distributed custom ROM among Android devices.


Basically everything works, though there are a few glitches. The touchscreen was initially on the receiving end of one said glitch, as the alignment was off by 90 degrees. The developer behind the port, JackpotClavin, has since fixed this issue, so touch should be good to go now. Wi-Fi isn't 100% up-to-snuff just yet, though, as it will scan and find networks, but it is unable to connect.


It's worth noting that it's still unclear whether or not there is a way to restore the stock ROM if you decided to flash CM7, so if you plan on making the leap, be aware that it may be irreversible for the time being.

To keep up with the progress of development for this device, hit the source link below.

XDA via The Verge