Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. First, the good: Google has decided to extend next year's I/O convention to three days instead of the usual two! That's more time to spend hitting the booths, attending sessions, and chatting it up with the Google devs. Awesome.

Oh, the bad news - since the event is now three days long, the dates for the event have been pushed back a couple of months. Instead of happening April 24-25, it will be going on June 27-29. The venue, Moscone Center West in San Francisco, is still the same.

Another interesting bit of info to come of this is that Google is advising against making travel arrangements at this time. Why? Because they're telling users to "brush up on [their] coding skills," as "they'll come in handy when the application process opens in February." We'll just have to wait a couple more months to see exactly what that means.

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