When I first picked up my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, I didn't see any reason to pick up a Bluetooth keyboard. After all, how could a keyboard improve my tablet experience? After finally giving in and trying out Logitech's Keyboard Case, I was convinced. Bluetooth keyboards seem to make tablets infinitely more productive, and make an extremely handy accessory. The only trouble is, they seem to be rather expensive. Luckily, Best Buy has Logitech's Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0+ tablets on sale for just $39.99.


Logitech's keyboard, which comes with a handy carrying case/tablet stand, is normally priced at $69.99 ($63.99 over at Amazon), making Best Buy's price quite a bargain. If you've been looking for an affordable keyboard to help you get the most out of your Android tablet, head over to Best Buy's website and take advantage of the deal. It's worth mentioning however, that this keyboard is only available for in-store pickup.

via Fat Wallet