In a recent "Competitive Comparison" graphic, Verizon has labeled Samsung's Galaxy Nexus as having "No OEM Customization," ostensibly as a selling point against the competition.


It's interesting that Verizon would go so far in labeling the Nexus' UI as such, but it may hint that VZW is at least vaguely aware that some consumers prefer a stock experience, and consider it a strong enough selling point that it should be included in a comparison chart. It's also likely that Verizon simply wanted to accurately describe each device's UI, but I find it odd that they included "Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich" twice in the same column, just to make clear that there are no custom overlays to be found on the Nexus.

It's also worth noting that the memory specs for the Nexus once again list 32GB internal storage, which is interesting considering the rumored $199 price point that's cropped up recently.

Droid Life's post on the subject reminds us that training is in full swing for Verizon employees, but reiterates that, unfortunately, we still don't have a solid date to go on regarding the Galaxy Nexus' long-awaited release.

via Droid Life