Update: Black Friday has arrived, and the deal is now live! Unfortunately, the tablet is in-store only, so take a look at this page and get going to your closest Best Buy retail location.

If it's the keyboard dock you're after, you can grab it online from here.



A leaked Black Friday ad for Best Buy has surfaced on BFads.net, and one particular deal stands out among the many to be had: an Asus Transformer 16GB (Wi-Fi) for just $250. Despite the fact that it's getting a bit long in the tooth by now (having been launched on March 30) and its successor is right around the corner, the Transformer is still a hell of a tablet and, at $250, is an absolute steal. Even better: the keyboard dock is going to be $100.

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Other tablets on sale include the Toshiba Thrive ($280) and the Acer Iconia 7" ($190). To take a look for yourself or check out the rest of the ad, hit up the source link below.

[Source: BFAds.net via reddit]