Any time a new game shows up in NVIDIA's TegraZone, we immediately hop on to take a look - after all, only the best of the best games with gorgeous graphics make it that far.

The newest addition to TegraZone this time around is Meltdown On Mars THD - it's what I would call a mix of tower defense and Gun Bros, executed in a way kind of similar to Dungeon Defenders. You can move your main character around freely like in an RPG/action game, all while planting defensive turrets, barricades, and mines in an effort to survive waves of alien attacks.

Spiced on top with gorgeous, fluid graphics and Tegra enhancements, Meltdown On Mars will be available come December 2011. In the meantime, check out the game trailer below:

image image image image

The swarm is arriving...get ready for the final encounter! Designed to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of your NVIDIA® Tegra™ powered phone or tablet, Meltdown on Mars THD features realistic particle effects like smoke, gas and explosions, gorgeous high-detail enemies and environments, and real-time lighting effects.

Meltdown on Mars THD is an action tower-defense style game where the player has to defend himself using turrets, barricades and his own weapons. The game is divided into waves and within each wave the player is attacked by more and more difficult groups of aliens. Can you survive the meltdown?


  • NVIDIA Tegra Enhancements: Realistic particle effects, real-time lighting.
  • Highly-detailed enemies and environments
  • Populary tower-defense style game meets action shooter.

Source: NVIDIA