Update: Steve Kondik (Cyanogen) himself verified via his Google+ page that TeamDouche was not involved in the project.

I guess you can finally buy a phone with something that resembles CM on it. Unfortunately, our team wasn't involved in this.

Under normal circumstances, I find unboxing videos to be pointless and boring. However, this isn't what I would call normal circumstances. A beta tester for the new Republic Wireless service received her phone yesterday and decided to do an unboxing for all to see. When she powered the phone up, it's clear that it's not running stock Android - it appears to be running CyanogenMod 7 (or some variant of).


It's pretty obvious that the owner of said phone isn't the biggest Android enthusiast, so she probably didn't even notice the differences between this phone and stock Android. Right out of the gate, though, you can see the famous CM7 bubble lockscreen; once unlocked, ADW Launcher is clearly gracing the homescreen. Later in the video, as she pulls down the notification shade, you can see that this device is also sporting the CM7 notification power widget.

All signs point to yes, this phone is running CM7 out of the box, but, unfortunately, she didn't open the About phone menu, so we didn't get a glimpse of any details that could verify whether or not this is indeed CM7.

Either way, there is one thing for sure: this phone is not stock. If it's not running CM7, it's definitely running something based off of the CM source. Very cool.

Anyone out there with the Republic Wireless Optimus One care to shed some light on the missing details for us? We'd love to get some verification.

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