One of the biggest questions about Minecraft: Pocket Edition since its release on the Android Market has been whether the game will be updated to include survival mode. For those not aware, Minecraft: Pocket Edition currently only supports build mode, a zen-like manner of play in which the user can freely build structures using a variety of materials and tools. Survival mode adds interest, surrounding you and your structures with monsters and animals.

At MineCon 2011, it was confirmed that Mojang (the maker of Minecraft) has plans to add survival mode to Pocket Edition, though the exact timing of the update is yet unknown.

Logically, it would follow that Mojang also has plans to add crafting abilities, so users can defend themselves against animals and monsters alike. It looks like these aren't the only changes slated for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. If Pocket Edition follows the trajectory of the PC version, we can expect quite a few awesome updates, including the new food/XP system and a handful of other features.  While these changes sound exciting, we have no idea when they'll be coming to your device, so sit tight. In the meantime we'll be here to cover any developments.

via Droid Gamers

Developer: Mojang
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